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Physics Department

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March 2019

The quantum playground: an ultracold atoms apparatus and the games we can play

March 20 @ 2:30 pm

The 2019 Canadian Association of Physicists lecture. Dr. Lindsay LeBlanc, Department of Physics, University of Alberta Ultracold atoms provide a fantastic playground for manipulating and making use of the quantum nature of matter. In our lab, we cool atoms down to a few nanokelvin, where they are free from the randomness associated with thermal motion and can fully embrace their quantumness. In one of the games we play, we use the atom’s quantized levels to store information encoded in light,…

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Physics & Astronomy/STAR cluster seminar: Resistive random-access memory (ReRAM), is it the next generation of computer memory?

March 21 @ 2:30 pm

Thomas Goulet-Soucy, Bishop’s University Memristor was first proposed by Leon O. Chua in 1971, to be the fourth fundamental circuit element after the resistor, capacitor and inductor. Unlike the other three that are time-invariant, the memristor has a dynamic function with memory. In this presentation, we will discuss about how memristor can be used to create computer memory, the potential of this technology, and why it was first seen as a replacement for flash memory. We will also discuss what…

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