Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Dear Bishop’s Community,

It has been deeply shocking and devastating to watch the acts of racism that have occurred in the United States in recent days.

The pain and anger of the Black community calls us to stand in solidarity with them and to combat racism in all its forms.

We know all too well that the brutality and injustice that caused the murder of George Floyd are systemic.

It is heartbreaking to know that any person has reason to be afraid when they interact with public authorities or that parents must have conversations with their sons and daughters about how to stay safe when interacting with the police.

The protests across Canada are eloquent testimony to the fact that many of our fellow citizens face discrimination, intolerance and racism in our own country.

At Bishop’s we aspire to be an open, respectful and inclusive community.

But we have a lot of listening and learning to do.

We have made progress as a University but we are not yet the truly diverse community we aspire to be.

We must learn to be allies of everyone who faces discrimination and each of us must rededicate ourselves to building a truly diverse and inclusive community at Bishop’s.

Our Counselling Services are prepared to provide assistance to anyone who requires support in the face of these traumatic events, and can be reached at

Michael Goldbloom C.M.
Principal & Vice-Chancellor