Meet Dr. Juan Francisco Núñez: A Harmonious Symbiosis Between Industry and Academia

Meet Dr. Juan Francisco Núñez: A Harmonious Symbiosis Between Industry and Academia

Dr. Juan Francisco Núñez

Dr. Juan Francisco Núñez was drawn to Bishop’s University (B.U.) because of its range of advantages for aspiring academics. One of just three English-language universities in Quebec, B.U. offers a unique educational setting that attracted him: Dr. Núñez especially highlights the campus’s intimate size, which allows personalized learning experiences through small class sizes and cultivates strong student-teacher relationships. The diverse student body at B.U. also enhances classroom dynamics by bringing together individuals from varied backgrounds and nationalities, creating the perfect dynamic learning environment he was looking for.

At Bishop’s, Dr. Núñez intends to expand the applied research in sustainability, covering diverse areas such as sustainable food value chains, green manufacturing/production, collaborative business models, and responsible consumption. His vision for sustainability research spans multiple disciplines, including sustainable food value chains, green manufacturing, and responsible consumption, offering promising avenues for future exploration.

His academic journey has been driven by a longstanding fascination with organizational dynamics, particularly within the realm of inter-firm interactions. This passion led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in international trade, followed by a Master’s degree in administration, followed by doctoral studies in business administration. Balancing work responsibilities alongside his PhD studies provided him with invaluable insights across various domains, including transportation, quality standards, certifications, supply chain management, procurement, and sustainability, thereby laying the groundwork for his interdisciplinary research interests.

Currently, Dr. Núñez is engaged in two distinct research streams. The first stream focuses on exploring the balance between sustainable and lean operations, shedding light on the challenges faced by corporations in adopting environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. This collaborative effort involves researchers from both Canada and Brazil, aiming to bridge international perspectives. The second stream is in its early stages and aims to optimize food distribution to support sustainable agriculture, food security, and traceability. This endeavour entails collaboration with a multitude of partners, including private corporations, non-profit organizations, and crop producers.

The future is promising for Dr. Núñez, given the unique dimensions of his research topics, particularly within the topics of agriculture and food business. The significance of his research in these areas is unmistakable, given the pivotal role of food in human survival, health, and economic development. His work on efficient food distribution, sustainable operations, and food systems traceability addresses critical issues within academic and professional spheres alike, promising impactful contributions to society at large.

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