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Events and activities in residence are not just extracurricular, but a vital component of the Curricular Approach.

2023-2024 Events

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Foresta Lumina

October 6, 2023

Foresta Lumina is thrilling due to its immersive blend of nature and technology. It transforms a forest into a mesmerizing world of light, sound, and storytelling, captivating visitors in a unique and enchanting nighttime experience.

Dodgeball Extravaganza

November 11, 2023

Join the exhilarating Dodgeball Extravaganza! House pride is on the line in this fierce competition for the coveted House Cup. Dodge, duck, and dominate as you battle for glory and eternal bragging rights. May the boldest house claim victory!

Gait Gatsby

November 18, 2023

Step back in time at the Great Gatsby-themed party, where glitz and glamour meet the Roaring Twenties. Sip on vintage cocktails, dance the Charleston, and embrace the elegance of the Jazz Age in this extravagant and nostalgic celebration.

Quebec City Trip

February 4, 2024

Embark on a winter wonderland journey to Quebec City’s vibrant Winter Carnival. Amidst snow-laden streets, indulge in festive delights, ice sculptures, and thrilling activities. Immerse in Quebecois culture, creating cherished memories in this frosty enchantment.


February 15, 2024

Celebrate sexual positivity through engaging games. Explore with consent, learn inclusivity, and embrace open dialogue. An enlightening event fostering understanding, breaking taboos, and promoting healthy relationships in a vibrant, enjoyable atmosphere.

Residence Got Talent

March 25, 2024

Unveil hidden talents in our Residents Got Talent showcase. Community stars shine bright, captivating with music, dance, and more. A night of entertainment, unity, and applause, celebrating the remarkable skills within our diverse residence.

House Cup Banquet

April 15, 2024

Gather for the House Cup Banquet, a splendid evening of camaraderie and recognition. House cup achievements and individual triumphs take the spotlight, accompanied by delectable cuisine and joyous festivities, uniting residents in a memorable celebration.