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Although we make every effort to ensure students are housed in rooms of their choice and with compatible roommates, some students may prefer a room change.  The following procedures are in place to ensure a smooth and transparent process.

Room change request procedure:

  1. Student will complete the online Room Change Request form, which will be submitted to the Residence Life Office.
  2. Student will meet with a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) to determine the reason(s) of the request.  After validating the request, the Residence Life Coordinator will choose an appropriate new residence hall and/or room based on availability. Please note: not all room change requests are approved. Students must provide a justifiable explanation for their request.

Once a room change request has been approved:

  1. RLC will inform the student of the rooms available and get their written approval for the room they are agreeing to move to.
  2. Once the acceptance email is received by the RLC the request for the transfer will be submitted to the Manager of Residence to complete the administrative paperwork and prepare the keys.
  3. The Manager of Residence will communicate with the student once the room is ready to be moved into.
  4. Room changes take place between Monday & Friday 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  5. Once the room has been vacated, extra cleaning and/or damage charges may apply.  Please make sure your room is left in an acceptable condition.
  6. You will return your old keys.
  7. A lease modification & key sign-out form will be signed.
  8. A new room check form must be completed and submitted online within 24 hours or the next business day.

Notes & Conditions:

  • Room change fee: $50.00 (may be waived under exceptional circumstances).
  • Room change requests are only accepted beginning in mid-September after students settle-in and become acquainted with their new home and surroundings.
  • Room change requests are based on availability. Students who have been approved for a room change may be placed on a waiting list for a potential vacancy.
  • Residence Staff do not assist with any packing, moving or transporting of personal belongings. We do not supply vehicles, supplies or equipment to help with room moves. Students should plan on asking a friend for assistance if required.
  • In some cases, a room change will incur a rent increase (ex. moving from a Traditional Style Building to a Bog-Style Building).
  • To be eligible for a room transfer, a student’s residence account should be current.
  • A student’s disciplinary history may be taken into account when determining eligibility for a room transfer.
  • Maximum of 1 room change per academic year permitted.