Lisa Astrologo

Lisa Astrologo

Nurturing her passion

Psychology student Lisa Astrologo studies emerging trend in her field

Lisa Astrologo has dreamed of becoming a clinical therapist since the 4th grade. After her grandmother’s health started to decline, she became one of her caregivers. This experience accelerated her interest in psychology as she grew in high school. Now an Honours student in Applied Psychology at Bishop’s, Lisa was given the unique chance to conduct research with Dr. William Bukowski at the Interpersonal Relationships and Developmental Lab at Concordia University.

“Dr. Bukowski decided to take me under his wing. Together we studied the well-being and difference in attachment styles in adolescents. We looked at different criteria from a more holistic point of view. We also looked at the caregiving criterion in these adolescents. How do they care for their friends? How does this affect their attachment style?’’ explains the 21-year-old from Montreal.

Lisa was able to find this opportunity thanks to the B.E.S.T. Projects Fund. “This is one of the best opportunities a student like me can get. I was funded for a project I wanted to do, which will enable me to get my foot in the door as a future clinical therapist and psychology professor. It’s an unique opportunity that you just can’t find anywhere else.’’

Lisa gained precious research experience that will help her get into graduate school. But she’s also hoping to add to the growing body of work at the psychology department at Bishop’s.

“I gained an appreciation for the work researchers do when I started working in a lab with Dr. Lawford and Dr. Linden-Andersen [two psychology professors at Bishop’s]. I saw what went into the research. It made me want to work harder, because I know how many people the research could potentially affect,’’ she says.

“I never thought of looking at data this way, getting different perspectives,’’ she says of her experience with Dr. Bukowski. It was so exciting to learn how to work and conduct better research in my field!’’