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Watercolour print - part of Bishop's Art Collection

At the request of the Principal, Dr. Nicholl, an ad-hoc meeting of those interested in the permanent collection was held on November 5th, 1985. The meeting agreed that a permanent committee should be created and a recommendation was made to Dr. Nicholl.

The Membership consist of:

  • At least three faculty members
  • One student
  • The University Librarian
  • The Foreman Gallery Curator
  • The Art Collection Technician
  • At least one community member

The Mandate:

The Art Collection Committee’s mandate is to manage and conserve the various artworks in the University collection. In conformity with the applicable policies and within the legal context, the Art Committee has the authority to obtain, dispose of, loan, borrow, exchange, preserve and restore the artworks. The Committee has the authority to solicit and receive donations, legacies or other contributions and to dispose of them as required.

Descriptions of the University Art Collection holdings can be found on the Eastern Townships Archives Portal. For information on the art collection or to request an art piece be installed or moved, please contact Merrylou Smith at merrylou.smith@ubishops.ca.

Art Collection Policies (PDF)

Bishop’s University Collection, An Art Compendium (PDF Book)