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  • Please notify the University Archivist at least two weeks in advance of any large deposit to the archives, that is, more than two boxes (totally more than 4 cubic feet, together). Indicate the amount of material to be deposited and the projected date of deposit.
  • Please DO NOT use any other boxes that would not fit our shelves, such as photocopy paper boxes. The white, FELLOWES bankers boxes can be obtained from the print shop, delivered to your office. Keep in mind that one file cabinet drawer is approximately 2 archives/bankers boxes.
  • Pack materials neatly in original file folders, and in their original order. List the files carefully, using the archives deposit form for each box. If necessary, use several pages for the listing. Make sure you complete the section on authorization for access, using titles (and names of current office-holders, if so desired). Keep a copy of the deposit form for your records.
  • We will verify the contents of each box and inform you of any discrepancies.
  • If you are depositing a single file, or only a few items, please be sure to complete a deposit form as well. This is your record and ours that a deposit has indeed been made.
  • If you need to consult a box, file or a single item that you deposited, you may contact the University Archivist by telephone, email, or in person, indicating the precise nature of the documentation requested. This material will be available usually within 24 hours (not including weekends). However, in a case of urgency, we will do our best to retrieve the requested documents as soon as possible.

If you have any questions concerning a deposit to the archives, please do not hesitate to contact the University Archivist.

Anna Grant
University Archivist / Special Collections
819-822-9600 ext. 2609
Office: MCG – Old Library

Archives Transfer Form (PDF)