Summary of Holdings

Summary of Holdings

Bishop's College 1872
All archival material is housed in locked storage in the John Bassett Memorial Library, and is made available upon request via transfer to the Old Library. This includes the University Archives, the Eastern Townships Resource Centre Archives and the Quebec Diocesan Archives. To access these records in the Old Library, arrangements must be made in advance, at least 24 hours prior to your visit (this does not include weekends). It is essential to make contact with the appropriate archivist to ensure the records you need will be available in the Old Library when you arrive. See the Archives and Special Collections web page for contact information.

Archives Categories:

  • A 001 Textile Items
  • A 002 Medals and Coins
  • A 004 Posters and Drawings
  • A 005 Artefacts
  • A 006 Sound Recordings and Videotapes
  • MG Manuscript Group (fonds)
  • PG Photographic Group
  • RG Record Group (Administrative records)

Manuscript Groups (fonds)

*Descriptions are added as they become available, and are subject to periodical revision.

*All descriptions have been created according to RAD (Rules for Archival Description).

Anderson, Allan James MG 073
Anderson, Bruce MG 102
Ansell, Alan Leslie MG 094
Argue, Douglas MG 054
Arts Festivals MG 001

Banks, Margaret Amelia MG 100
Baskerville, W.H. MG 048
Bassett, John MG 044
Borlase, George MG 003
Brewer, John Samuel MG 004
Brown, Howard MG 079
Burns, Robin B. MG 070

Campbell, Ian L MG 059
Caulfield, A.E.L. MG 055
Christie, William Douglas McLaren MG 091
Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities (Learneds) MG 075

Davies, Sidney J.P. MG 056
Desmarais, John MG 069
Dickson, C.W. MG 041
Doolittle, Lucius MG 007
Dutton, Dorothy MG 057

Farnsworth, Esther MG 085
Fish, Nathan A. MG 101
Frizzell, Harold C. MG 010

Gallop, John and Nancy MG 082
Gardner, Gerard MG 008
Gilchrist, Lloyd MG 067
Gustafson, Ralph MG 049

Hall, C. Wayne MG 052
Harrold, Thomas Churchman MG 012
Hayden Family fonds MG 078
Howard, Noni MG 014

Ingalls, Ross Baxter MG 015

Jackson, Michael J.B. MG 098
Jefferis, Jeffery Douglas MG 016
Jellicoe, Sidney MG 017
Johnston, Louise E. MG 002
Jones, James MG 018

Langford, Arthur N. MG 020
Lennoxville Golf Club MG 097
Leonard, John MG 053
Ljungkull, Christine MG 077

MacDermot, T.W.L. MG 023
Mackey, George T. MG 024
MacNab, Jean L.B. MG 046
Masters, Donald C. MG 025
Mayhew, Carl MG 051
Mayhew, Evelyn Johnson MG 071
Mayhew, Vernon Earle MG 026
McGreer, Arthur Huffman MG 027
Meade, Cecil MG 028
Millar, Lloyd MG 064
Mills, G.H. Stanley MG 029
Mitchell, William MG 047
Morrison, Alex J. MG 074
Motyer, Arthur MG 011
Motyer, Janet Speid MG 021
Myhul, Ivan M. MG 030

Nicholl, Christopher MG 060
Nicolls and Mountain Family MG 031

Orr, Henry Stanley MG 032

Preston, Anthony W. MG 033

Rawson, Christopher MG 006
Ross, W. Gillies MG 045

Sauerbrei, Rev. Claude MG 063
Scott, Frederick George MG 034
Scott, George A. MG 035
Scowen, Philip Harry MG 092
Smith, Edgar William and Edgar Nelson MG 061
Smith, H. Greville MG 036
Smith, Kenneth W. MG 095
Stevens, Trevor C. MG 068
Sweeny, James MG 065

Tondino, Guido MG 072

Walker, Beulah Marlin MG 066
Warrot, Marie-Aimée MG 042
Whalley, George MG 050
Winn, Susan Anglin MG 099
Worthington, William MG 040

Yarrill, E.H. MG 043
Yearwood, Peter J. MG 076

Bishop’s University Archives – Administrative Records

Bishop’s University has housed archives since its founding in 1843, and for many years the safe-keeping of these precious documents was the responsibility of the University Librarian. However, it was not until the the creation of the Special Collections Room in 1976, that the Department of Special Collections and Archives was duly established and proper care was given to the storage of the university archives. In 1979 a portion of the oldest records described were designated “biens culturels“.  At that time, the University Archives were not organized as they are today, but classified according to a general alphabetical and subject order. The years since have shown a complete reorganization of the archival holdings and the records are now composed of two main groups: the Record Group (administrative records) and the Manuscript Group (private records of faculty, students, alumni and staff). The latter are described according to the national standard of Rules for Archival Description, or RAD. Several smaller groups of records include photographs, artefacts, sound recordings, videotapes and various other media.

An overview of the Record Groups (PDF).

Please note:

  • Not all Record Group numbers contain records (i.e. that department or office has not yet transferred material to archives);
  • A Guide to the Holdings is available for consultation in the Old Library, McGreer Hall. The guide is only a general overview (not described according to RAD).
  • The holdings of the University Archives change frequently and it is therefore advisable to contact the University Archivist for more details regarding a particular Manuscript or Record group.