Information (I.L.L.) for Borrowing Institutions

Information (I.L.L.) for Borrowing Institutions

All requests should be directed to the Bishop’s University Library (QLB). On January 10th, 2007, Bishop’s University Library along with a first group of Quebec university libraries (CRÉPUQ) has moved its interlibrary loan operations to the Fretwell-Downing’s VDX system. The CRÉPUQ application is called COLOMBO. This change affects ALL E-Mail addresses used to submit requests and follow-up on ILL transactions: other contact data like telephone, fax, Ariel, delivery addresses, are unchanged. Requests to Bishop’s should be done as follows:

  1. Generic script requests – use this Email address:
  2. ISO “version 2” requests (this excludes AVISO and PEB-UQ systems) – Please contact the COLOMBO system administrator to make sure that ISO testing with your system has been completed before submitting requests:
  3. Libraries without an ILL Management System or Amicus access:   Use the
    ILL Request Form Québec university libraries.
    For more information about this method, go to

Important note for libraries without an ILL management system:

Your library location must be in the COLOMBO database before submitting a request.

If you do NOT yet have a Library and Archives Canada symbol,

Foreign libraries: complete the registration form before submitting your ILL request.