Short-term Hiring Procedures for Tomlinson Interns

Once your internship has been approved by Students Affairs, please complete the following procedures:

A. Posting & Selection of new Tomlinson Intern, handled at departmental level:

  • Advertise the internship through the Career and Transition Services Job Board. Postings must be submitted using the online form by the end of August: submit a job posting.
  • During interview: validate the eligibility of the candidate to work in Canada (if candidate is not citizen or permanent resident of Canada, validate if he or she holds a study or work permit).
  • Once hired: validate if candidate already has a Social Insurance Number (SIN) Certificate. The validation must be done prior to employment offer signature, as it is a condition of employment.
    • Refer person to HR for presentation of permit and SIN letter, before hiring, or
    • Refer person to HR for more information on how to get SIN from Canadian government.

B. Complete and sign short-term hiring contract (‘Casual Contract’)

Find all documents on myBU under Human Resources.

  • Contracts must fall within the academic year (from September to April).
  • If needed, include employee special set-up: BU access to computer network or keys (should be detailed under ‘Conditions of employment’).
  • Forward contract to the respective hiring Manager or Academic Dean for signature.
  • The student must also sign the contract and obtain a copy.
  • Upload the contract and all hiring documents to the HR Dropbox for processing by HR and Payroll.
    Required hiring documents:
    • ‘About You’ form
    • Check specimen or direct deposit form
    • Income tax forms (federal and provincial)
    • Confidentiality agreement.

C. Important Payroll Information:

  • Part-time pay is processed by-weekly. A minimum of five (5) business days is required to set-up employment status for any new hires, from the time all required documents are received via the HR Dropbox.
  • An approved time-sheet must be completed and submitted via email to every 2 weeks, before Monday at 10:00 a.m. of the part-time pay week.

For any questions about this procedure, please contact Catherine Hogue in HR directly. You’ll find her contact information in the BU Directory.