2021 Recipients

2021 Recipients

B.E.S.T. Project Fund

Kevin Ahn

Kevin Ahn is a second-year Biology student from Montreal who participated in a 12-week summer research project with Professor Steve Jean at Université de Sherbrooke, investigating the optimization of translated mRNA in intestinal cells.

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Edna Amoah

Edna Amoah is a fourth-year Pre-Medicine and Neuroscience student from Colombes, France, who worked in a biochemistry research laboratory at Université de Sherbrooke on a project examining the role of reovirus in cancer treatments.

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Megan Bernier

Megan Bernier is a second-year Biology and Health Sciences student from Montreal who participated in a 40-day voyage aboard a traditional tall ship, studying oceanography and nautical science while also serving as an active crew member.

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Schuÿler Edgar-Holmes

Schuÿler Edgar-Holmes is a second-year Drama student from Charlotte, Vermont, who staged a COVID-safe outdoor production of the musical Xanadu and created video documentation of the processes involved, from stage management and set-building to costume-making and choreography.

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Donovan Faraoni

Donovan Faraoni is a third-year student in Biodiversity and Ecology and Political Studies from Sherbrooke, Quebec. He conducted a feasibility study to develop a plan to establish a Bishop’s chapter of Precious Plastics, an upcycling initiative that collects, cleans, shreds, melts and re-moulds plastic waste into new items that can be sold for profit.

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Aidan MacDonald

Aidan MacDonald is a fourth-year Biology and Biochemistry student who participated in a summer student program at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, where he had the opportunity to shadow an emergency physician and participate in various research activities.

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Hannah McLean

Hannah McLean is a fourth-year Sociology student from Collingwood, Ontario, who participated in a virtual internship with a non-profit organization in Madrid, Spain, with a focus on human rights law.

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Carrie Robinson

Carrie Robinson is a fourth-year International Studies and Political Science student from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, who worked in the local constituency office of a Member of Provincial Parliament on community engagement and outreach activities.

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Evelyne Verrette

Evelyne Verrette is a second year International Political Economy student from Trois-Rivières, Quebec who is completing a second degree at Bishop’s. She worked with a Sherbrooke-based non-profit organization to enhance regional economic and social welfare initiatives and to identify programs and policies that can support these efforts.

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Sherif Youssef

Sherif Youssef is a fourth-year Psychology and Neuroscience student from Chambly, Quebec. He participated in an internship at a hospital in Sorel-Tracy where he shadowed a psychiatrist to learn more about providing care in a clinical setting and conducted interviews with medical professionals to assess their perception of the experience of minority and socially marginalized groups when accessing care.

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