Maxim Jacques

Maxim Jacques

An International Approach to Sustainable Development

Maxim Jacques

In high school, Maxim wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do once he’d completed his studies, but always felt he’d enter the workforce sooner rather than later. After completing the first internship in his retail management program at CEGEP, however, he was eager to learn even more about the business world and decided to continue his studies at Bishop’s, a choice he made largely due to the intimate campus atmosphere.

Encouraged by the Dean of the Williams School of Business and the WSB’s Experiential Learning Coordinator to expand his studies through a B.E.S.T. project – and with his interest in international knowledge piqued by an exchange to the UK – Maxim sought out opportunities in business and sustainability, and discovered the GREEN Program.

Founded in 2009, the GREEN Program is an experiential education opportunity focused on the world’s most pressing issues in sustainable development. It provides short-term, accredited programs in Iceland, Peru, Japan, and Nepal, and sees participants taking part in sustainability-focused course work, gaining exclusive industry exposure and even making time for life-changing adventures.

Before travelling to Peru, Maxim studied the country’s approach to climate change and the work of the private sector in terms of sustainability. Maxim and his fellow participants will learn about sustainable water management through community engagement, industry exposure, sustainable solutions and global water stewardship.

“I’m excited to learn about the different approaches used in Peru, for example in waste water treatment, because Peru is one of the world’s leaders in sustainable development,” notes Maxim. “Another unique aspect of the program is the diversity of participants – there are undergraduate and graduate students from all around the world, from backgrounds ranging from engineering to biodiversity to business. I’m also really looking forward to this program as a cultural experience, as we will be billeted with families and living the local culture.”

“We’ll spend time each day working on a capstone project, a business initiative that aims to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals,” explains Maxim. He is eager to incorporate this experience into his own plans for a graduate degree and future research. “I also see this as an opportunity to advocate for a greater focus on sustainability in Business, and will make the case for an elective on sustainable development.”

“I’m grateful to Dr. Turmel for taking the time to encourage me to apply for B.E.S.T. funding and this program,” says Maxim. “I would tell other students seeking out a similar opportunity not to hesitate to apply. Don’t doubt your capacities and your ability to take on a project that will so greatly enhance your Bishop’s experience!”