Sam Beanland

Sam Beanland

Bringing International Knowledge to the BU Community

Sam Beanland

When he was approached by the Coordinator of Experiential Learning at the Williams School of Business (WSB) about the B.E.S.T. Project Fund, Samuel Beanland knew this was an opportunity he could not miss. “This was a chance for a different experience outside of the Bishop’s University bubble and to be able to bring it back to the community”, he explains.

Having studied accounting at Champlain College and now at Bishop’s, the 32-year-old New Zealand native found a passion in case competitions. The most recent competition he participated in took place in Rotterdam, Amsterdam. “You have the chance to apply what you learn in class to real world situations, and not simply focus on numbers”, he says. As the VP of Relations of the Bishop’s Undergraduate Commerce Society, he has an extensive history of experience in case competitions, but he wanted to discover new ways to expand his knowledge in accounting by learning more about topics outside his major. “To thrive in accounting, I believe you need to understand management at the global scale, and my B.E.S.T. project will allow me to do so”, he says.

While preparing his application, Samuel reached out to Professor Bill Robson for guidance and for the chance to collaborate. Working with his professor was one of the highlights of the initial process of the project. “It is incredible to be working with someone that has extensive knowledge and years of experience”, he confides.

Beanland was accepted into a two-week program at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. “The courses taught include strategy and multinational leadership, which will further my knowledge in intercultural fluency and critical thinking skills that will aid me in problem solving”, he explains, “and it is this kind of diverse coursework that gives students the ability to look at the big picture.”

Having already organized and presented workshops for students at the WSB, Beanland plans to develop new workshops based on what he learns at Cambridge and create an interactive learning environment for his colleagues. “I will have the chance to increase my skills in case competitions and consulting, which will give me the opportunity to give back to others while building a stronger foundation”, he reflects.

The collaborative, kind, and sense of community he has felt at Bishop’s has inspired him to give back. He wants to continue fostering that feeling and maintain the atmosphere of closeness that Bishop’s University is famous for. “I love sharing what I’ve learned; the more I learn, the more I share”, he says.