Sarah Legge

Sarah Legge

Educational leadership in action

Sarah Legge

Sarah Legge’s passion has always been education. When she came to Bishop’s in 2012, her dream was to become a teacher. But like many students at Bishop’s, the trajectory of her journey would take an unexpected turn as she moved through her program.

“I was working at the Bishop’s Teaching and Learning Centre when I first found out about the B.E.S.T. Projects Fund,” recalls the Rothesay, New Brunswick native. “I was discovering the field of educational leadership and wanted to explore it further.  I’m excited that B.E.S.T. is giving me the chance to do just that!”

Indeed the 22-year-old received funds to travel to Kelowna, British Columbia to attend the Summer Institute in Education at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. There Sarah will be attending a program focused on student-centered education.

“My hope is to bridge my Secondary Education degree and my passion in higher education development and research,” she says.

Sarah will also be conducting a research project in which she will be investigating opportunities for student-faculty partnerships in higher education.

Sarah will be sharing all of this knowledge with the Teaching and Learning Centre, where Bishop’s scholars promote educational leadership and the scholarship of teaching and learning to create an exceptional learning atmosphere on campus.

Sarah’s B.E.S.T. experience will move her one step closer to her dream career. “I want to research more student-centered learning opportunities which could be implemented in universities,” she says.

As an educator herself, Sarah has a particularly intuitive perspective on experiential learning programs like B.E.S.T. “Experiential learning is essential to any meaningful learning experience. Students need to be able to answer their questions in order to learn,” she explains. “Experiential learning is the most important learning opportunity a student can have. I have been lucky to engage in many types of learning experiences at Bishop’s.”

She adds: “I deeply value the experience of teaching and learning – this complex process both excites and challenges me and I cannot wait to begin to delve deeper into this field!”