2016 Recipients

2016 Recipients

B.E.S.T. Project Fund

Janie Damien

Janie DamienJanie Damien is a third year student from Saint-Eustache, Quebec, studying Psychology with a Neuroscience Concentration. Janie will be volunteering with the Child Rights Initiative in Jamaica. This program aims to protect children from harm and psychological abuse.

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Alyssa McLean

Alyssa McLean

Alyssa is a third year student from Cornwall, ON, studying in Educational Studies, Fine Arts and French. Alyssa will be attending and participating in the Art Relief Volunteer Program provided by Cultural Canvas Thailand.

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Laura Crack

Laura Crack

Laura is a third year student from Toronto, O.N. studying Biology with a health science concentration. Laura will be participating in a four-month internship at the Institut National du Sport du Québec.

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Sophie Duchesne

Sophie is a third year Psychology student from Montreal, QC. Sophie will be participating in a Summer Research Program at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

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Sarah Legge

From Rothesay, New Brunswick, Sarah is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in Secondary Education and English. Sarah will be attending courses at the Summer Institute in Education at the British Columbia Faculty of Education’s Okanagan Campus.

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Philippe Laporte

Philippe is a third year student, from Varennes, Quebec, studying in Physics, Mathematics and Modern Languages. Philippe will be attending a summer school in Physics of the Climate at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

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Noémie Fortin

Noémie is a third year student from Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.  She is pursuing a Double Honours in Fine Arts Studio and Art History and Theory. Noémie will be participating in a curatorial internship at ODD Gallery in Dawson City, Yukon.

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Amanda Corkum

Amanda CorkumAmanda, from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, is a fourth-year Chemistry Honours student with a Religion minor. Amanda will attend and present research findings at the 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Halifax, N.S.

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Chelsey Paquette

Chelsey PaquetteChelsey, from London, Ontario, is a third-year student studying Biology, Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution. This summer, Chelsey will be a research assistant at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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Gabrielle Lesage

Gabrielle LesageGabrielle is a second-year student from Laval, Quebec, with a Psychology major and an English minor. Gabrielle will be participating in a three-week summer program at King’s College London to study Jane Austen.

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