Tyler Pierotti

Tyler Pierotti

Learning from the B.E.S.T.

Tyler Pierotti
Photo credit: Krystel V. Morin

Pre-med student Tyler Pierotti shadows surgeons in Croatia

Tyler Pierotti has dreamed of becoming a surgeon since he was a child. Now, in his 2nd year at Bishop’s, he will enjoy an opportunity most pre-med students could only dream about: he will be shadowing cardiac surgeons as they work in the operating room.

It all started when Dr. Michele Murray, the Dean of Arts & Science at Bishop’s, encouraged Tyler to apply to the B.E.S.T. Projects Fund. After doing some research, he found an opportunity in Croatia, where cardiovascular diseases affect a significant proportion of the population. What better way to learn how to be a cardiac surgeon than to stand alongside some of Europe’s most skilled experts for two weeks?

“I’m very excited,” Tyler says. “The doctors will explain to me what is wrong with their patients and how they would normally go about treating the problem. During their spare time, they will teach me more about the health care system in Croatia, as well as different tips and techniques.”
“I wouldn’t be able to get this kind of experience anywhere in Canada,” he continues. “Here, a student is not allowed to observe a surgery unless he is in his clinical rotations, typically in his 3rd or 4th year of medical school. So I’m getting the opportunity to see things that I normally would only see three or four years from now,” he adds.

Tyler feels this opportunity could give him the edge he will need when the time comes to apply for medical school. He explains: “Getting into medical school is very difficult. The field is extremely competitive. Gaining exposure to methods and techniques in clinical settings sends a signal to the medical school that I know what I want to do.”

In addition to his insightful medical experience, Tyler will be travelling to Europe for the first time. His hosts will be giving him Croatian lessons, and he will even learn how to cook native dishes from a professional chef. He feels these immersive experiences will expand his cultural awareness.

Tyler defines himself by his lifelong passion for medicine. But he feels he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a surgeon without practical experience. “I think it’s extremely important to get a hands-on feel for your subject. No matter how much you can learn in a classroom, there are things you can never learn in a classroom.”

What is B.E.S.T. ?

This story focuses on a recipient of the B.E.S.T. Projects Fund. B.E.S.T. is the premiere experiential learning opportunity at Bishop’s University. In 2010, an anonymous Bishop’s graduate made a gift commitment to establish this opportunity fund at the university. This unique possibility is meant to assist students, determine their career paths and realize their ambitions. It also gives the student the chance to learn outside of the classroom.

The funds are awarded to students whom the Selection Committee believes have the potential for significant achievement and impact once they graduate from Bishop’s. Find out more information about B.E.S.T.