Clare Murphy

Clare Murphy

Dream comes true for budding scientist

Clare Murphy

Neuroscience student Clare Murphy explores animal behaviour in Madagascar

Clare Murphy’s curiosity is taking her places. The Neuroscience student from Kanata, Ontario, first came to Bishop’s with the hope of exploring her interest in animals and behavioural science. Last year, she discovered the B.E.S.T. Projects Fund. She applied to the fund this year and received a grant that will be sending her to a lemur reserve in Madagascar this summer to observe the animal’s behaviour.

“I think this is an amazing opportunity. As soon as I read about B.E.S.T., I knew I wanted to apply.”

The 22-year-old will be volunteering with Edge of Africa, an organization that operates conservation, community and sports projects in Africa. “The B.E.S.T. fund is giving me the opportunity to travel to a country I only ever dreamed of seeing,” she says. “I will be recording data on some of the most unique species in the world. Most students only get to read about animals like lemurs; I feel extremely blessed that I will have the chance to live among them and test out a potential career path.”

The young scientist hopes to get a small taste of life as a scientific researcher, while helping the local community monitor the flora and fauna so that it can be better protected.

“I think experiential learning opportunities like B.E.S.T. are a very important part of education,” she explains. “They give students the chance to put classroom knowledge to use in different settings. Funds like B.E.S.T. allow students to pursue ambitions that may not be possible without financial aid.” Clare is also hoping that her experience in Madagascar will help her determine if this career path is the right one for her.

Clare is eager to share the outcomes of her upcoming adventure and hopes to spread an important message. “I will be exposed to issues such as deforestation. I hope to tell other people about it so that the destruction of habitats and resources can be stopped.”

What is B.E.S.T. ?

This story focuses on a recipient of the B.E.S.T. Projects Fund. B.E.S.T. is the premiere experiential learning opportunity at Bishop’s University. In 2010, an anonymous Bishop’s graduate made a gift commitment to establish this opportunity fund at the university. This unique possibility is meant to assist students, determine their career paths and realize their ambitions. It also gives the student the chance to learn outside of the classroom.

The funds are awarded to students whom the Selection Committee believes have the potential for significant achievement and impact once they graduate from Bishop’s. Find out more information about B.E.S.T.