2014 Recipients

2014 Recipients

B.E.S.T. Project Fund

Olivia Angood-HardyOlivia Angood-Hardy

Olivia is a fourth-year double major in Sociology and International Studies. She is originally from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Olivia will work in a domestic violence shelter in the US and then travel to Belize to assist in the start-up of a women’s shelter in Orangewalk, Belize.

Elyse BurtElyse Burt

Elyse is in her third year of Biology majoring in Health Sciences. She is from Sarnia, Ontario.

She will volunteer in a medical program working with doctors in Lima, Peru.

Anthony CalabraseAnthony Calabrase

Anthony is in his third year of Education majoring in English in Secondary Education. He is from Montreal.

Anthony will have a play he has written critiqued by the Director of the Centaur Theatre in Montreal and performed by professional actors in a workshop.

Zhenyi ChenZhenyi Chen

Zhenyi is a fourth year Business student from China.

Zhenyi’s intends to develop a system to help Chinese students at Bishop’s and other Canadian universities better integrate into their universities. He also wants to help Canadian students better understand Chinese culture.

Samuel CrooksSamuel Crooks

Sam is in his third year in Honours Music.

Sam will advance his knowledge of the double bass through private instruction with two professional bassists.

Marie-Alice D’AoustMarie-Alice D’Aoust

Marie-Alice is an Honours International Studies student with a concentration in Hispanic studies and a minor in music. Her home town is St-Hyacinthe.

Marie-Alice has secured a summer internship in a law firm in China and at the same time she will taking intensive Mandarin lessons.

Holly DobbHolly Dobb

Holly, from Waterville, is in her second year majoring in Religion.

She will be participating in an eight-week summer program at Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Nepal where she will be introduced to both classical and modern Buddhist scholarship.

Laurel GreigLaurel Greig

Laurel is in her fourth year of Education Studies. Her hometown is Oakville, Ontario.

Laurel will volunteer in a community in Costa Rica and take part in an Eco-Art Summer Camp working with children. The project will give her a hands-on opportunity to learn about environmental education and alternative teaching methods.

Ariane LaroseAriane Larose

Ariane is a second-year double-major Education and Fine Arts student from Montreal.

Ariane will participate in the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain drawing course based on Betty Edward’s drawing theory. This course will tie in both of her disciplines of study. Eventually, as an art educator, she wants to construct her own approach to teaching art.

Joshuah LebacqJoshuah Lebacq

Joshuah, from Victoriaville, is completing his third year of a B.B.A in Finance with a minor in Economics.

Joshuah will take part in the New York City Investment Banking Immersion Program over the summer. This course will help him decide which realm of high-finance he would like to pursue.

Julie LorrainJulie Lorrain

Julie is in her third year of Psychology (Applied concentration). She is from Racine.

She will be attending a week long seminar on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, a treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder. This experience will assist her with her graduate studies and her future career as a clinician.

Filip NiklasFilip Niklas

Filip is a third-year Liberal Arts and Philosophy student from Norway.

In London, Filip will study the works and legacy of William Blake through meetings with members of the William Blake Society, other expert Blake scholars and contemporary artists who are inspired by him.

Jonathan St-AntoineJonathan St-Antoine

Jonathan is in his third year of a Physics program. He is a Sherbrookois.

Jonathan will be doing an internship with the Scientific Instrumentation Group of the Australian Astronomical Observatory in Sydney, Australia. He will be working on the ‘Starbugs project’ which are robotic self-mobile miniature mechanical lift-and-step bugs for multi-object, fiber-optic spectroscopy.

Yolanda WeeksYolanda Weeks

Yolanda is a third-year student is a Fine Arts major with a minor in Psychology. She originates from Montreal.

Yolanda will be joining the team at Art Relief International in Chiang Mai, Thailand as a volunteer offering therapeutic art workshops to marginalized individuals. She will also organize community exhibits. She wants to return with the ability to create artistic mental health outreach programs.