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Fall 2023 Viewbook (PDF version)

Fall 2023 Viewbook (Interactive version)

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Be You @ BU magazine

Be You at BU 2023 magazine.

2023 (interactive)

Being Purple.

When you hear the word Purple, you probably think of a colour – unless you come from Bishop’s University.

For Bishop’s students and alumni, Purple is so much more than just a colour. It is what drives us to succeed, to be engaged, to become globally and socially aware. It inspires us, it unleashes our creativity and it awakens our resourcefulness. It makes us thirst for knowledge, it invites us to question things and it fuels our desire to innovate. It ignites our spirits, it encourages us to take risks and it dares us to dream. It makes us confident, courageous and proud. It strengthens our community, it develops our character and it teaches us to be supportive and welcoming. It makes us adaptable human beings who want to do more.

Purple is the reason we become leaders who can, and will, make a difference in this world. By preparing us for the future, it helps us be ready to build a better tomorrow, to build a better Purple.

Purple is there on the field, every time our #GaiterNation cheers our Gaiters teams on to victory; it’s there in the classroom, when students support and encourage each other; it’s there in the community, in the helpful gestures of BU students who want to make it a better place; and it’s there online, where students past and present can gather and proudly share BU with the world.

There is a sense of pride that goes along with Being Purple, one that all BU students have, no matter what we study, where we are or how long we’ve been here. It’s something that gets into our souls and becomes part of us. And this Purple spirit flows through the whole Bishop’s community, far and near, colouring the world.

It’s little wonder that you hear our current students talk about Bleeding Purple. Purple is a spirit that gets into your blood and flows through your veins, and once it’s in you, you are never the same.

Now, tell us … how Purple are you? #UBishopsBound  #FutureGaiter