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Note-Taking Program

Note-Taking Program

Procedures for Students who require a note-taker

  • Register with the Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services as early as possible in the semester. Upon registration, with the proper documentation, indicate the courses for which you require a note-taker.
  • Meet with your professors early in the semester to discuss any accommodations you may need in class, including the use of a note-taker. Ask your professors if they can provide you with copies of lecture notes or overhead materials. Ask if there is a designated note-taker, such as a teaching assistant.
  • The note-taker will be instructed to deliver notes to the Accommodation Services on a weekly basis. The notes will then be uploaded on SAAS Moodle page by the Coordinator.
  • You are required to take notes in class to the best of your ability, and use the notes you receive to supplement your own class notes.
  • The fact that you have been assigned a note-taker in no way exempts you from attending classes. If you are not attending classes on a regular basis without valid reasons, the privilege of having a note-taker will be revoked.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the notes, please contact the Note Taking Program Coordinator:

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In lieu of finding a note-taker for your classes, we may be able to provide you with a voice recorder or a smart pen.

Becoming a Note-Taker

  • If you are interested in becoming a note-taker, send an email to the Program Coordinator (notetaking@ubishops.ca).
  • You must be currently registered in the course to become a note-taker.
  • The note-taker is required to take organized, detailed and comprehensive class notes for every lecture. Typed or handwritten (scanned) notes are accepted.
  • Please indicate the COURSE CODE (ie: BAC121) and DATE on each copy of your notes.
  • The note-taker is to provide notes on a weekly basis by email. Failure to do so will cause a decrease in compensation or annulment of the signed contract.
  • If you drop the course, notify the Program Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • If you must be absent from class, it is your responsibility to get notes from another capable student.
  • In most cases the name of the note-taker will remain anonymous to the student that needs the notes and vice versa. Each week, as received, the program coordinator will upload notes on Moodle.
  • If you are hired, you must fill in a Payroll Set-up Sheet and provide a cancelled cheque so that the honorarium ($100/course) can be deposited into your bank account at the end of the semester. If you are an International Student and do not have a social insurance number (SIN), you must obtain one from Service Canada Centre at 50 Place de la Cité, Sherbrooke, QC (Monday to Friday 8h30-16h).

Thank you for offering your services to this program aimed at helping students with special needs. Your help is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Note Taking Program Coordinator (notetaking@ubishops.ca).

Some testimonials about note-taking

“Note taking was a great experience! It felt good to know that I was able to help someone out just by simply providing my note taking assistance!”

“J’ai adoré l’expérience. Toutefois ça serait bien après les 2 premières semaines de savoir si la personne qui reçoit nos notes est satisfaite. Je crois que cela pourrait améliorer la qualité des notes par exemple et rendre notre travail plus valorisant.”

“Being a note taker is not only a great way to help your fellow students but it is also highly beneficial for one’s self as it ensures that every week we are on top of things in terms of class material. It is amazing to be able to help someone else while also helping yourself.”

“Being a note taker helps people who have difficulties but also helps yourself stay focus. It also makes you feel proud of what you can bring to others.”

“Being a notetaker was a wonderful experience as not only did it help me be more prepared for class and make sure I had organized notes, but I was also able to help someone who really needed it.”

“Already being someone who loves to take notes, it gave me the opportunity to help others who don’t!”

“Wonderful experience, the responsibility helped me focus more in class and as i was typing the notes from my handbook I unconsciously studied at the same time. trust me it paid off in quizzes and exams. Plus you get paid to do what you should already be doing.”

“Being a note taker was a great experience for me. I’m getting paid to go to classes I already go to. Thank you for this awesome opportunity!”

“Note-taking is a great way to become involved with the Bishop’s community. It helped me to learn better, while providing an important service to my peers.”

SAAS Peer Mentoring

SAAS Peer Mentoring

Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services

Mentoring is the process by which a senior provides advice, support and encouragement to a first year student. Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services (SAAS) offers a Peer Mentor program for first year and transfer students with disabilities. Being able to connect with a peer student who understands some of the complexities of navigating the system of accommodations, as well as receiving advice on how to make the most of the resources available through the SAAS office and the University can be very helpful. The SAAS staff will connect interested first year or transfer students with disabilities with a mentor and arrange for them to meet by phone, email or in person. Each student or mentee will be paired with a Mentor who is selected from a similar academic background.

Join the program

Peer Mentor Application Form

Mentee Application Form



If you want information about tutoring, please see the Peer Tutoring section of Student Services.

For tutoring receipts (to be signed by both Tutor and Tutee), you can find the form under Documentation and Policies.