Student Accessibility & Accommodation Services

Student Accessibility & Accommodation Services

Is SAAS for you?

Do you have an ongoing medical condition or disability that impacts your access to learning or activities on campus?

Did you receive academic or other related accommodations at another educational institution?

SAAS offers registered BU students accommodations, advocacy and programming designed to improve access to post-secondary education.

Bishop’s University provides reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities in a supportive, accessible, non-discriminatory and equitable learning environment respecting the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

How to Access Services

New students: When to contact the Student Accessibility & Accommodation Services

Bishop’s encourages applications from students with disabilities. In accordance with general admission procedures, Bishop’s will accept academically qualified candidates for admission by examining each applicant’s academic record. New students are encouraged to identify themselves at the time of their acceptance at Bishop’s by contacting the Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services as soon as they receive the offer of acceptance. As with all applicants, those with disabilities are encouraged to select programs that are appropriate for their skills, abilities, and career goals.

In the event that questions arise during the application process pertaining to the University’s ability to reasonably accommodate, the applicant is encouraged to contact the Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services office for assistance.

Persons with a disability should recognize that admission to the University does not guarantee that accommodation for a disability will be made.

Registering for services – NEW AND RETURNING STUDENTS

Step 1 – New and returning students are required to complete the SAAS Registration form:

SAAS Registration Form

You will also need to provide the Disability Verification Form (PDF), completed by a medical or treating professional.

Other documentation required:

  • A copy of a recent psychoeducational, neuropsychological assessment or diagnostic report (completed within the last 5 years) which includes recommended accommodations.
  • Any previous Individual Education Plan (IEP) from another academic institution.
  • Any pertinent letters from previous institutions.

Step 2 – New and Returning Students – Make an appointment

Contact Ms. Francine Hamel to make an appointment with one of our Coordinators:
Ms. Francine Hamel – Coordinator
Student Support Services
Counselling, Career and Accessibility Services
Phone: 819-822-9695
Office: DON 261

In order to receive accommodations through our office, you will need to meet with a SAAS Coordinator. The initial meeting will take approximately one hour. During this meeting, you will review your file with your coordinator and discuss needs and necessary accommodations.

It is better to send your supporting documentation to us at least two (2) days in advance so we have time to read it and prepare your file.

Returning students – meetings should take approximately 30 minutes. If you do not make an appointment, we will not contact you for accommodations.

Step 3 – Keep SAAS updated on your situation!

If there are any changes or you feel that your accommodations are not working, it is important to let us know ASAP.