Peer Tutoring

What is the Tutoring Program Exactly?
The objectives of the program are to help you understand concepts in preparation for exams, clarify exam questions, and review class materials. Tutors cannot do assignments, papers, etc. Tutors are generally senior students who have achieved at least an 80% in the course they are tutoring, and have an overall average of 75%. Peer Tutoring is intended to supplement, not replace, information given in regular classes. Tutors are not miracle workers. A Tutor’s main role is to work with Tutees to help them become independent learners.

NEW for Fall 2016 – The Peer Tutoring Program has CHANGED!

To Become a Tutor:

  • If you are interested in becoming a Tutor, you must have obtained 80% or more in the course(s) you wish to tutor.
  • You should have an overall average of 75% or more (exceptions may be made in cases of shortage of tutors).
  • You must fill in the application form and either email or bring it to the Peer┬áTutoring Coordinator.
  • You must submit the most recent transcript of your marks.

See the Tutor Information section for details and form.

Cost for Tutee

Qualified Tutors will be put on a Tutors List, with their contact information. The cost for students receiving tutoring is $15.00 per hour of tutoring received. Your fees must be paid in cash at EACH session DIRECTLY TO YOUR TUTOR!

See all the details in the Tutee section of our website.


For additional information, please email the Peer Tutoring Coordinator:

Photo of Ms. Francine Hamel

Ms. Francine Hamel

Coordinator – Student Support Services

Contact Information
Phone: 819-822-9600 ext. 2695

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