Mental Health and Wellness Week 2019

Mental Health and Wellness Week 2019

January 28 to February 1, 2019

The goal of this week’s events, workshops and activities is to increase awareness and reduce stigma around mental health.

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January 26th Basketball Games

To kick-off the week, the Gaiters women’s and men’s basketball teams will be hosting the McGill Martlet’s and Redmen on January 26th in the annual Bell Let’s Talk basketball games.
Go Gaiters!
(6:00 & 8:00 p.m. Mitchell Gym)

Day 1, Monday Jan 28th: Mental Health, Family and Recovery

Information, snacks and sign-up sheets for wellness activities
(10:00-14:00 at the SUB lobby)

Chair massage sessions
(11:00-14:00; 15 min. per person in the International Student Centre)
With Massage Therapist Mireille Pinard
*Must sign-up between Jan 23rd-25th at

Mental Wellness workshop by Connor Morand
(12:00-13:00 in McGreer 200/Cleghorn)
This workshop focuses on highlighting mental health awareness, how to be supportive of others with mental health illnesses, and self-care methods to stay positive and healthy.

Examples of topics: How do you properly recognize the signs of mental health? Can you become a key influence? How can you be more transparent and open with others? What does it mean to be empathetic, not sympathetic? When, and how important is it, to take time for yourself?

Keynote address by Connor Morand with “Make Lemonade”
(15:30-16:30 in McGreer 200/Cleghorn)
After losing his father to suicide and developing mental health issues as a young boy, Connor shares his personal experience of overcoming adversity and loss by shifting his perspective. Through the power of music, Connor gives strategies for lasting positive change using connection, creativity, and communication.

You will leave with insight on:

  • The importance of mental health
  • Reinforcing a positive mindset
  • How to relieve stress
  • Finding good coping mechanisms
  • Having a key impact on others
  • Dealing with loss / pain

Connor Morand is a professional speaker, musician and author. For over a decade, Connor has shared his message through music and stories; using his unique blend of humor, high energy and transparency, Connor inspires and impacts audiences of professionals and students alike.

Connor Morand

Day 2, Tuesday Jan 29th : Sexuality

Information, snacks and sign-up sheets for wellness activities
(10:00- 14:00 at the SUB lobby)

Care packages for safe sex
(10:00- 14:00 at the SUB lobby)

Get some free goodies. Care packages prepared for students by students.

Self-Defense Workshop
(11:00-12:30 Combat room/plex)

Learn self-defense techniques derived from martial arts with Sensei Chantal Lepage from Onnano Autodéfense.
*Must sign-up at the SUB table by Monday Jan 28th *

Onnano Autodéfense

SEXed Peer Educators (by Champlain Regional College)
(12:15- 1:45 at the SUB lobby)

SEXed Peer Educators by Champlain Regional College

SEXed presents: Intimacy Card Game. What’s more intimate: holding hands, oral sex, or showering with a partner? Think your best friend or partner would agree with you? You might be surprised! Come play the Intimacy Card Game and see how your attitudes towards intimacy compare to those of your friends.

SEXed is a group of Cégep students seeking to foster sex positivity and sexual health on campus. SEXed takes an inclusive approach towards topics such as consent, communication, gender equity, and LGBTQ2SI+ communities. They strive to promote sexual health and awareness regarding bodies, STIs, and contraception.  SEXed’s mission is twofold: to educate and support students.

Bystander Intervention Training
(14:00-15:00 in Adams Dining room)

The purpose of this workshop is to foster a community of responsibility, to prevent the incidence of sexual violence, and to create a safer space on campus. Training facilitated by student leaders.
*Must sign-up at the SUB table by Monday Jan 28th *

Day 3, Wednesday Jan 30th : Bell Let’s Talk and Community Day

Information, snacks and sign-up sheets for wellness activities
(10:00- 14:00 at the SUB lobby)

Bell Let’s Talk Anti-Stigma Campaign
(10:00- 14:00 at the SUB lobby and Library Learning Commons)

Bell Let’s Talk

One of the biggest hurdles for anyone suffering from mental illness is overcoming the stigma attached to it. The annual Bell Let’s Talk awareness campaign and Day is driving the national conversation to help reduce this stigma and promote awareness and understanding, and talking is an important first step towards lasting change.
Link to Facebook page:

Chill room
(10:00- 14:00 in the International Student Centre)
Take a time off in your day to go drink tea, do supervised yoga or simply do nothing. Open to anyone!

Chair massage sessions
(11:00-14:00; 15 min. per person in the International Student Centre)
With Massage Therapist Mireille Pinard
*Must sign-up at the SUB table by Tuesday Jan 29th *

Community booths
(13:00-16:00 at the SUB lobby/Gait)
Information booths: on/off campus resources for mental health. Learn about all the services available to you!

Artistic activity: Collage and Mixed Media Workshop
(15:00-17:00 in the Community Art Lab/SUB basement)

In the context of Community Day, join us in the Community Art Lab (CEN014) for a Collage and Mixed Media Workshop. Bring your own photographs/images that mean something to you or use our magazines to combine photography, collage, painting, embroidery and more!  Everyone can enjoy this versatile activity which will likely foster mindfulness and inner peace.  Open to everyone!

Please sign-up for this event either by email at or at the SUB lobby table by Tuesday Jan 29th.

Day 4, Thursday Jan 31st : Self-Care and Treatment

Information, snacks and sign-up sheets for wellness activities
(10:00- 14:00 at the SUB lobby)

Personal stories by students: Melissa Major and Iskandara Sadek
(12:00-13:00 in Adams Dining room)

B.E.S.T. project presentation by student Melissa Major: Self-acceptance and Trauma
(12:00-13:00 in Adams Dining room)

Melissa Major

Melissa Major is a Psychology and Fine Arts student who is passionate about self-acceptance and tackling struggles of self-doubt. She was recently awarded funds by the B.E.S.T. Project Fund to attend a week of advanced mental health practitioner seminars at the Cape Cod Institute.

The Bishop’s Exceptional Student Talent (B.E.S.T.) Project Fund is the premiere experiential learning opportunity at Bishop’s. This unique fund is intended to assist students to determine their career paths and realize their ambitions.

Personal story by student Iskandara Sadek: “The Bumpy Road to Recovery”

Iskandara Sadek

The recovery after battling a life threatening disease is an extremely long and tireless process. Struggling with physical pains is one thing, but the mental pains are another. Re-learning how to be who you once were is extremely difficult, and ultimately realizing that you may never be that way again takes a huge toll. Dara’s recovery is ongoing, but she prevails.

Talk by Dr. Stine Linden Andersen, Dean of Student Affairs
(15:00-16:00 in Adams Dining Room)
Description coming soon!

Dr. Stine Linden-Andersen

Day 5, Friday Feb 1st : Wellness Day

All activities are FREE for Bishop’s students, faculty & staff!

Wellness Day

Sign-up at the SUB lobby table from Jan 28-31, 2019.

Information and snacks
SUB lobby table

Supporting a co-worker through difficulty
(workshop for faculty & staff only)
Sign-up at
Adams Dining room
Spots available: 30 max

When a co-worker returns to work following a disability leave, employees may feel uncomfortable and have questions. How should they act? What should they say? How can they help? These questions are often related to their feelings, secret fears, and prejudices about the illness or leave. This seminar will show participants how to safely and smoothly accommodate an employee who is returning to work.

Zoo-Animation by Toutous-Poilus
Dogs, bunnies, chicks, and more!
The Gait

Chair Massage *15 min./person with Massage Therapist Mireille Pinard
International Student Centre
Spots available: 12 max

Nourishing our Bodies through Kindness, Trust and Respect.
Talk by Cora Loomis, Nutritionist.
Library Learning Commons (Agora)

Nourishing our bodies is something we do every day, but we often do it using severe, strict rules about food and workouts. Cora Loomis, RD is proposing a different way to care for and nourish YOUR body. This conference offers information, tips and strategies that will inspire you to create healthy habits in a meaningful way, as well as provide resources and hands-on exercises to help you cultivate body trust and respect.

Boosting your positive outlook
(workshop for faculty & staff only)
Sign-up at
Adams Dining room
Spots available: 30 max

Consistently focusing on the negative side of an issue can greatly contribute to stress. When thinking this way, physical changes take place in the body’s chemistry increasing stress levels and affecting performance and well-being. This seminar will help participants understand the ways in which this seemingly automatic negative thinking occurs, recognize its typical manifestations, and develop a process for tackling negative thoughts effectively.

Self-defense workshop with Chantal Lepage from Onnano Autodéfense
Combat room/Plex
Spots available: 20 max

Learn self-defense techniques derived from martial arts with Sensei Chantal Lepage from Onnano  Autodéfense.

Yoga with Dr. Adrianna Mendrek, Psychology Professor/Chair
Combat room/Plex
Spots available: 20 max

Sushi Workshop with chef from Sodexo
Adams Dining room
Spots available: 20 max

Learn how to make your own sushi and enjoy your own creations. Sushi class provided by chef from Sodexo.

Coffee House
The Gait
Spots available: unlimited

For questions about the Mental Health and Wellness Week, contact:
Berenice G. Rodriguez – Assistant to the Dean of Students
819-822-9600 ext. 2766