Validators: role and instructions

Validators: role and instructions

Validators: role and instructions

Thank you to all our validators for being involved in this program!
Each activity has an assigned validator that oversees, co-ordinates and/or facilitates a particular activity (group, club, event, committee, etc.) and can verify the authenticity of a student’s request. Validators are the people responsible for approving or declining student entries using the LEAP platform. Faculty, staff and SRC Executives can act as validators.

Your role as a validator

  • Inform students about the eligibility of the activity you oversee as part of the LEAP program. This will likely increase their commitment to the activity.
  • Encourage students to add the activity to their profile.
  • Set and communicate the criteria/requirements for students to get LEAP recognition for the activity you organize, coordinate or oversee.
  • Keep track of the students’ involvement in the activity you oversee.
  • Validate (or reject, if applicable) student entries once the activity is completed; normally at the end of each semester.
  • Finish validations for all activities by early May.
  • Requests that are left pending after the month of May will be declined when we convert to the next academic year.

How does it work?

  • Students are encouraged to add activities as soon as they get involved (usually at the beginning of each semester).
  • Every time a student adds an activity to his/her profile, the assigned validator will get an email notification.
  • Validators should only approve activities once they are completed, which is normally at the end of the fall/winter semesters. This means an activity can appear as “pending” for a whole semester and sometimes more.
  • The role of a validator is to approve or reject (if applicable) the students’ requests for active involvement in specific activities. If a validator needs to reject an activity, a brief reason should be provided the comments box.

How to validate your activities

Login to the LEAP platform: use your Bishop’s username and password (same credentials you use on myBU or to login to a Bishop’s computer).


Click on Validators Approval on the left hand side bar.
Click on View on the right side of the screen. A drop-down box will appear.
Choose My pending items (Validator). A list will appear.
Click on the paper icon on the left hand side of the ID number of the first activity.
Choose the Approve/Reject Item option.
Select Approve or Reject (If you reject, please give a reason in the comments box). Click OK.

REPEAT to validate the next activity (if applicable).

For assistance, please contact the LEAP Coordinator:

Ms. Berenice Rodriguez Assistant to the Dean of Students Student Services
Phone: 819-822-9600 ext. 2766

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