Types of Activities

Types of Activities

What types of activities can be submitted?

Activities are only accepted for the CURRENT academic year. Requests for activities from previous academic years will not be processed.

Below is the list of the six categories with examples of involvement, and the approved requirements:

1- Leadership

Includes positions of leadership (Chairs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Coordinators, Captains, Club Representatives, etc.)

Requirements: Coordinates and/or leads all meetings, leads by example, establishes firm relationships with members, holds themselves to a higher standard for the entire academic year.

2- Student work experience

Includes on-campus work experience (Resident Assistants, Student Safety, Student Ambassadors, Research Assistants, etc.)

Requirements: Works a regular schedule of a minimum of 20 hours per year, leads by example, shows strong commitment to the University and/or students, and strong interpersonal skills.

3- Professional or educational development

Includes participation in workshops, seminars, conferences, competitions (SIFE competitions, Model UN, debating, academic workshops).

Requirements: Actively participates for 6 hours minimum per semester in an activity that provides growth, improvement, reflection on a skill set, and experiential learning experience.

4- Extra-curricular activities and university committees

Includes membership in clubs, university committees and other groups on campus (Golden Key, S.R.C. Clubs, Student Representatives on Committees, Sports Teams, etc.)

Requirements: the requirements are set by the particular club or committee.

5- Volunteer experience and community service

Includes volunteer service on campus or in the Lennoxville and Sherbrooke communities.

See the list of some of the current Volunteer Opportunities online. Note that only the opportunities in Lennoxville and Sherbrooke are eligible for LEAP recognition.

NOTE: All volunteer opportunities must be approved by the LEAP Coordinator.

To have a NEW activity approved (not already listed in the program), please see the How can I request to have a new position recognized? web page.


On-campus volunteer work: the student commits to a minimum of 6 hours of volunteer work per activity. Make a difference in the BU Community!

Off-campus volunteer work: the student commits to a minimum of 15 hours of volunteer work per activity.

Please remember that as a volunteer off-campus, you will be representing Bishop’s University. Working as a volunteer will make you a BU ambassador. Organizations highly value the work of student volunteers. You will make a difference in the community, gain experience, develop various skills, grow your professional network and other benefits. It’s all up to you!

Validation of volunteer work:

  • On-campus volunteer work: validations must be completed using the LEAP program by a faculty or staff member who can confirm your active involvement.
  • Off-campus volunteer work: for validation of activities, the LEAP Coordinator must receive confirmation in writing about the student’s involvement and approximate number of hours worked as volunteer (via email). If the information above cannot be confirmed or your supervisor cannot be reached, the activity will not be approved and will not appear on your Co-Curricular record.

Why volunteer?

  • Enhance your learning experience at Bishop’s University.
  • Be engaged in the community; grow your network and career connections.
  • Develop your own skills while making a difference in your own community.
  • Build a portfolio of volunteer work experience, which will look great on your résumé.
  • Add this activity to your Co-Curricular Record (LEAP).

Need more information about volunteering? Please contact Berenice Rodriguez, LEAP Coordinator at brodrigu@ubishops.ca, Office MD 221. Phone: 819-822-9600 ext. 2766.

6- Honors, awards, recognition

Includes formal non-academic recognition given by the University, or recognized organizations. (Purple Letter Award, Athletic Awards, Golden Mitre, etc.).

What types of activities are not accepted?

  1.  Activities from previous academic years will not be accepted.
  2. Activities submitted after the deadline.
  3. Activities linked directly or indirectly to academic credit are not accepted.
    • Example: an academic project or event that requires participation of volunteers for it to be successful. The student organizer and the volunteers cannot get LEAP recognition given that such activity, project or event is for academic credit.
  4. Volunteer work outside the Lennoxville or Sherbrooke communities or international volunteer work.
  5. Jobs off-campus.
  6. Activities that cannot be validated.

For the complete activities listing, log in to the LEAP portal.