How to Start

How to Start

I’m a student. How do I get started?

Interested in starting a co-curricular record?

Your responsibility is to start your profile by selecting an activity, which automatically requests the validator associated with it to verify your active involvement and approve your pending item. You are also responsible for keeping your profile updated on a regular basis.

How? Follow the ‘LEAP’…steps…

You don’t have to sign up for an account; you simply log on to the LEAP program following these instructions very carefully:

STEP 1:  How to log in

Important note to log in successfully:

  • Use your Bishop’s username (the same you use on myBU or to login to a Bishop’s computer)
  • Enter bishops\ before your username
    Example: bishops\jsmith15
    Please make sure you are using a backslash: \ and NOT a forward slash: /
  • Note for MAC users: If you’re having difficulty logging in, please use Firefox as your browser instead of Safari. You can download it for free from


STEP 2: Add your activities

  • Click on LEAP activities listing:  L.E.A.P. Activities* Step 1 (left side of the screen)
  • Review the list of activities and make sure to find the activity you want to add to your profile

Add your activities

  • Look at left side of the LEAP page for: L.E.A.P. Student Profile
  • Click on the New tab (on the yellow tool bar – on the top row of your list on the left end)
  • Click on New item

LEAP student profile

  • From the scroll down list, click to choose your activity
  • Then click on the address book image and choose the validator’s name from the scroll down list
  • Click twice on the validator’s name and it will appear in the activity box
  • Click on OK to add
  • Repeat as necessary to include all the activities you have been involved in during a semester and update on a regular basis

LEAP Student: new item

If you wish to remove an activity

If you have selected the wrong activity, you can delete it:

  • Go in your profile
  • Select the activity you wish to remove (click on the paper icon on the left of your activity list)
  • Once selected, on the top row, click on Delete item

Thank you for your involvement in our Bishop’s community!

Still having trouble? Contact the LEAP Coordinator:

Ms. Berenice Rodriguez Assistant to the Dean of Students Student Services
Phone: 819-822-9600 ext. 2766

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