How can I request to have a new position recognized?

How can I request to have a new position recognized?

Before requesting a new position, please make sure it is not already listed in the list of activities. Log in to see all existing activities and positions:


It is the responsibility of the Club Head/Club Representative to submit the request for the new activity in a timely manner. Requests after the deadline will not be processed.

Please note that new requests for positions, not currently listed in the LEAP program, will be accepted during the following time periods:

Fall Semester: from September 10 to November 2, 2018.

Winter Semester: from January 7 to March 2, 2019.

On-campus activities:

To have an on-campus position added to the program, please send an e-mail to Berenice G. Rodriguez, LEAP Coordinator at with the following information:

  1. Name of Activity (e.g. Summer Festival)
  2. Description of the Activity (short description)
  3. Name of the position (e.g. Head Organizer, Coordinator, Secretary, Member, President, etc.)
  4. Description of the position (including main tasks and responsibilities, in less than 50 words)
  5. Category (select one category from the following list):
    1. Leadership
    2. Student work experience
    3. Professional or educational development
    4. Extra-curricular activities and university committees
    5. Volunteer experience and community service
    6. Honours, awards, recognition
  6. Validator’s name (BU Faculty or staff member)
  7. Validator’s e-mail address

New Clubs
To be eligible for LEAP recognition, a new club must first be ratified at the SRC General Assembly and must have completed the probationary period. The LEAP Coordinator will obtain confirmation from the SRC Clubs Manager about these two requirements for newly created clubs.

Off-campus volunteer work:

To have a new off-campus volunteer opportunity approved and added to the program, please provide the following information:

  1. Name of organization
  2. Website (if available)
  3. Supervisor’s name and job title
  4. Supervisor’s e-mail
  5. Supervisor’s phone number
  6. Type of volunteer work (e.g.: volunteer work on a regular basis or for a special event- include name of event if applicable)
  7. Expected number of hours worked per semester
  8. Main tasks and responsibilities as volunteer

SRC Internal Clubs Structure

New roles within the SRC Clubs, effective September 2016.

If your activity is an SRC Club, the main positions will be the ones outlined below*. The older positions have been removed from the LEAP program (e.g. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, etc.) according to the changes made to the SRC Clubs Manual: Internal Club Structures. The new roles were updated in the fall of 2016.

“The new club structure is meant to move away from the hierarchical implications of titles such as president and vice-president. The new structures are much more effective in helping clubs function and making leadership opportunities more accessible to all students”. –SRC Clubs Manager

For questions regarding these changes, please contact the SRC Clubs Manager at

For activities added before these changes, you will still see the older titles on your LEAP (President, VP, Treasurer, etc.).

*SRC Clubs, new roles:

  1. The Club Representative acts as the main correspondent between the club and the SRC, as well as the club and the student body. Responsible to initiate and organize club meetings and activities to the benefit of all members involved.
  2. The Co-Lead works with the Club Representative to initiate and organize club meetings and activities to the benefit of all members involved.
  3. The Alternative Lead may take on the role of Co-Lead in the absence of any designated Co-Lead.
  4. The Financial Signing Authority is responsible for approving all financial transactions of the club; facilitating efficient decision-making and ensuring that the financial actions and decisions of the club reflect the values and desires of all club members.
  5. Member

Validator for all SRC Clubs entries:

Please also note that the SRC Clubs Manager will be the validator for all entries for all clubs (this responsibility used to be shared between the SRC VP Social and the SRC VP Academic). Effective September 2016, please choose SRC Clubs as the validator.

After you submit your request by e-mail, the LEAP Coordinator will contact you with further details and instructions.