How can I get involved?

How can I get involved?

Attend Club Day

Meet reps from all clubs and interest groups in various locations on campus.

Dates are determined by the SRC. Check your BU email for updates.

Visit the SRC website

Visit the Clubs page of the SRC website to see the list of all of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) affiliated clubs, as well as all other student-run clubs on campus.

Contact the SRC Clubs Manager for more information about Clubs

Meet your SRC Representatives

They have a multitude of ideas and suggestions for you!

The SRC is here to organize social and academic events for YOU. They know everything that’s happening on campus and can suggest tons of clubs, social groups, academic groups and volunteer opportunities. Their offices are on the first floor of the Student Centre, between the mailboxes and Doolittle’s.

Check your BU Email

Faculty and staff members often call for volunteers for different projects via email. Check your BU email regularly!

The SRC also sends The Dish twice a week to all students. The Dish is published on behalf of the Bishop’s University Students’ Representative Council (SRC) each Monday and Thursday to inform YOU about what’s happening on campus and beyond.

Drop by…

To see Berenice G. Rodriguez, LEAP Coordinator.

Berenice can answer all your questions about available activities and is open to discussing the addition of new ones.

Her office is in the Marjorie Donald Building, Room 221 (above the Bookstore – see Campus Map B11) or email her at