Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our personal counselling services are as follows:

Will my parents, professors or university authorities know that I have come to counselling?

No, our services are strictly confidential, within the guidelines of professional ethics.

No one can be given any information (including whether you have ever made an appointment) without your knowledge, approval and expressed written consent.

Is there a fee for the service?

No. As long as you are a registered Bishop’s student, there is no fee for any of our counselling services.

Does everyone benefit from personal counselling?

Most students have found counselling to be a helpful tool in coping with the academic, social and personal challenges associated with university life.

How do students feel about coming to Counselling?

Some students are initially hesitant, for different reasons (fear, uncertainty, etc.).  Most find, once they meet one of our counsellors, that talking out their feelings and concerns makes a big difference. They often learn new ways to cope or handle a situation, and discover helpful resources.

Where do I go with suggestions to improve the service or if I have some constructive criticisms?

You are most welcome to address any suggestions or concerns to the Dean of Student Affairs, or to the University Ombudsperson.