Recruiting Bishop’s students (employers / graduate programs)

Recruiting Bishop’s students (employers / graduate programs)

Welcome to the Career Development and Academic Support Office:

How to Submit a Job Posting

How to Submit a Job Posting

Cette information est aussi disponible en français (PDF).

Employers are welcome to submit their full time, part time, summer and paid internship positions on our Career Development Job Posting web page. This is a “free of charge” service. Only job postings submitted via our Job Posting online form will be considered.

BU reserves the right to refuse any job posting that are incomplete or don’t’ respect our guidelines. As such, there is no guarantee the employer will be contacted.

Please read Job restrictions and procedures prior to submitting a posting.

For security and validation purposes, you MUST provide the name, email and telephone number of contact person for the position. This information will not be posted, unless indicated otherwise.

Bishop’s University (BU) Job Postings will NOT accept the following:

  • Jobs unrelated to BU studies (ex. Waiter, housekeeper, bartender, babysitter, cashier) exception: local part-time opportunities and summer jobs!
  • Unpaid internships or unpaid training
  • Commissions-only positions
  • Jobs that offer free board and travel (and other benefits) without salary
  • Business opportunities
  • Jobs asking for upfront fees or any other fees
  • Volunteer jobs
  • Sales positions (paid salary) are acceptable, if pertaining to BU related studies
  • Illegal activities


Fill in the Job Posting online form (all fields with an asterisk are mandatory, and a Deadline to apply date MUST be indicated – up to a maximum 30 days.  “ASAP / as soon as possible” will result in non-acceptance of posting.

Job Description MUST include the following information:

  • Job tasks
  • Working conditions
  • Job requirements and skills
  • Salary offered and benefits
  • Company URL link
  • Name and/or email of the person they should address their resume and cover letter to
  • Start date

Postings will be active for a maximum 30 days (you may put an earlier deadline). You may resubmit the same posting, only once the original no longer appears online.

All employers must indicate a website (in the appropriate box), so that BU, and students, may verify the validity and description of the company.

If posting in English and French, you must put all info in both languages, on one online form – 2 postings will not be posted. If two are submitted, the English copy will be posted only.

If posting several positions (3 or more positions, with a URL that sends students to a website):

  • Fill ONE job posting form, indicating the URL where students can see the jobs offered with their full details. A list of the job titles may be indicated in the description, if desired. For Position Title, simply indicate “Various Jobs-Company Name” (example:  Accounting Jobs-Bishop’s University) or (Various Computer related jobs-BU), etc. If jobs vary as to full time or part time, simply indicate both.

For part-time positions:

Positions must be within reasonable distance from the University.

For Overseas Positions:

Due to lack of resources, to ensure the quality of postings, we cannot offer accept International postings.

It’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all positions posted comply with the Labour Standards as defined by the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité de travail.

**Please note that the Career Development Office is closed for 2 weeks during the Christmas Holidays (dates may vary from year to year), and also from mid-June to the end of August. We will not post any positions sent during this time.

Participate to the Career Day

Participate to the Career Day

February 24, 2020

The objective of the Bishop’s University Career Day is to provide students and employers the opportunity to meet in a casual setting and discuss career possibilities and opportunities. This event is a great opportunity for employers to spark students’ interest in working for their company, to promote its different positions, as well as identify and attract potential employees from different fields of study (office administration, accounting, social sciences, biology, etc.).

This year, the Career Exploration day will take place on Monday, February 24, 2020 in the GAIT (Marjorie Donald Building). Places are limited and therefore we can’t accommodate all employers. Please email your registration form to the following email address: Someone will get back to you to inform you of availabilities as well as provide you with the URL link to pay the registration fee online. You can also pay the registration fee by cheque, payable to: Bishop’s University – Career Counselling Services.

To be part of this event, we need to receive your registration and service fee of $60.00 by February 17, 2020.

Career Day Booth Request
Career Day demande de kiosque (in French)

Should you have questions regarding this event, please email Nathaniele Pelletier

Thank you for showing interest in our students!

Participate to the Grad School Day

Participate to the Grad School Day

November 7, 2019

This is a great opportunity for representatives of different graduate programs to promote and spark students’ interest for their programs, as well as answer students’ questions regarding requirements for graduate studies and admission process. It’s also an opportunity for students to gain valuable information regarding the different graduate programs that could help them achieve their career objectives or improve their candidacy.

This event will take place on November 7, 2019 in the GAIT (Marjorie Donald Building). To be part of this event, we need to receive your registration and service fee of $60.00 per university.

Grad School Day Registration form (PDF in English)
Formulaire d’inscription Grad Day (PDF in French)

You can pay the registration fee online or by cheque, payable to: Bishop’s University – Career Counselling Services, please mail the cheque to:

Bishop’s University
Att.: Nathaniele Pelletier, Career Counselling Services
2600 College Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec
J1M 1Z7

To learn more about this event, please read the information on the Grad School Day web page or email Nathaniele Pelletier

Recruitment or Information Sessions

Recruitment or Information Sessions

Note that this service is currently on hold.

We offer the possibility of doing an information session or recruitment booth to companies or universities that can’t attend our formal career events. However, this option usually draws fewer students than the Career or Grad day.  As well, we may not be able to accommodate you on the date you would like to hold your event, should there be other social or academic events happening on that day. Therefore, we suggest that you contact us as early as possible to increase the success of your event.

Service fee: $75.00 per visit

To learn more about this service, please read the information on the Company or University Visit web page.