Move-In Guide

Move-In Guide

Hello Future Gaiters!
Before you know it, you will be making your way to our campus and beginning the first chapter in your university career by moving into one of our residence buildings scattered across our lush green campus. From the moment you receive your keys and meet your RAs, you’ll be one of us: a cherished member of the Residence Life Community (what we veterans refer to as Rez Life). Rez Life is more than just living in a ‘dorm’ – it’s about meeting people, making friends, getting involved and becoming an active member of your community! Living on campus comes with the perk of having a team of Resident Assistants (RAs) to help you out in whatever way they can. Having experienced life on campus and their own first year of university, they can easily answer any questions that you have from how not to turn your clothes pink, how to ace a quiz, or even how to get connected to the wider community of Lennoxville. Every night, there will be an on-duty RA. What does an on-duty RA do, you ask? Well, they will always have a BU Medical Pack, first aid certification, and a radio to contact Security should the need arise. They will do rounds to secure the building and just be around to chat if you need a little guidance on this transition you’re about to take. To state it plainly, you are in very good hands!

Residence move-in day

So living on campus during your first year- what’s all the fuss about? Well, living in such close proximity to other students, you get the opportunity to step outside of your world and into the worlds of 700 other students. Your friendships can blossom where they might not normally, over late night snacks at Dewies, or events put on by your RA, maybe even through intramural sports put on every Sunday at the newly renovated Sports Centre. There are different clubs, classes, guest lectures, and special events happening all of the time, right on campus- this means your experience is constantly being shaped both within your personal sphere, your academic sphere and your social sphere. It is like building a family with 700 people, people with whom you are going to share your most formative years.

In order for you to focus on your classwork and self-discoveries, campus life has you covered. Walking across campus is an 8 minute affair so naps are within reach no matter where your classes take you. Our Security team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep you feeling at ease – we even have the SAFEGaiter app to inform you of any weather or security concerns at the bzz of a notification. Any study-induced cravings? Skip on over to Dewies’ in your pajamas with your all-you-care-to-eat meal plan and score whatever it is your exam-stress has you pining for. Don’t worry! We’ll do the dishes. There are very few places in life where breaks between class can include pumpkin carving contests, ice-skating, hanging with friends, musings at the art gallery, or even colour runs- that’s why we say: don’t just attend BU- live it!

If you have any questions, want to get in contact with your RA, or have any general concerns, you can contact us individually through the email addresses that are found in each of our RA bios (See the Residence Halls web page), or send an email directly to the department at We can’t wait for you to join us on campus!


CAMPUS SECURITY: 2711 from any campus phone
PATERSON FRONT DESK: 2685 from any campus phone

Useful Information for Move-In