Senior Resident Assistant Application

Senior Resident Assistant Application

Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) Application period open for 2023-2024 academic year

We are proud to operate within a curricular framework where we support learning outside the classroom in intentional and meaningful ways. We equip Residence Life student staff leaders with the training, language, and tools necessary to be co-creators of the Curricular Approach. From championing the values and views of a curricular framework to our operation planning and conversations, it will influence everything Residence life does. As a Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) you will be an ambassador for Residence Life’s new way of being, thinking, and engaging with our students.

As a Residence Life team, we strive to consistently, intentionally, and critically, reflect on how we are building equitable spaces on campus and a community of engaged citizens. In our residence community, students will build on their personal growth, develop curiosity, and insightfully engage with the world as part of the Residence Life experience.

Who are you and what role do you want to take part in this journey? Send in your application by 9AM Wednesday November 30th 2022. We can’t wait to meet you!


Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs) enhance the residence experience by using a peer-to-peer approach to lead a team of Resident Assistants (RAs). SRAs are experienced Residence Life student staff members, empathetic listeners, and good relationships builders, who are looking to enhance their skills in conflict management, community development, team development and administrative duties. The SRA role demands a high degree of personal initiative and creativity.

Living in residence together with new and returning students, the Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) facilitates the social, academic, and personal adjustment of students to the residence halls and University. The SRAs offers enriching programming initiatives, fosters a sense of belonging, and acts as a role model to their peers. The SRAs also enforces the rules and policies of Residence Life and acts as a liaison between residents, the RAs and the University’s administrative and student services. Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs) are under the direct supervision and mentorship of Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) and report directly to them.


Coaching and Mentoring

As a returning member of the Residence Life Team, SRAs are asked to pass on their experience and offer their support to new RAs by assisting them in understanding and performing their unique role. Whether an RA needs help with programming, assistance in enforcing guidelines, or questions regarding various parts of their role, the SRA is at hand to guide and support them in collaboration with their RLC. SRAs are also responsible for helping to create and foster a positive team atmosphere.

Role Modeling

SRAs are expected to be aware of their role and influence as leaders on campus and are expected to set an example with respect to day-to-day living, academics, and professionalism. SRAs will provide leadership in areas such as human relations, conflict management, positive behavior, and mutual respect both on and off campus.

Residence Committee Requirements

Each SRA is responsible for being part of one of the four Residence Committees or Living Learning Communities (to be determined). This requires assisting with organizing weekly meetings, taking minutes, ensuring that events/activities are coordinated and executed by the committee members.

SRAs are responsible for ensuring that agendas are created, and minutes are circulated. The SRA responsible for a particular committee will report on a regular basis to the appropriate RLC about the workings of their committee.

Events and Community Building

Design and implement experiences for floor members that enhance the social, educational, community, and personal development of residents and connects them to the floor, living- learning community (if applicable), building, and university community.

Demonstrate commitment to the development of experiential opportunities in residence through building positive relationships with campus partners and inspiring residents to be active participants.

Support to Residents

  • Establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust with their assigned residents;
  • Direct residents in distress or struggling with personal or mental health issues to appropriate on-campus resources;
  • Provide general guidance to assigned residents about campus life, academics, and resources;
  • Liaise with various campus services as needed (security, student services, dining hall, etc.).
  • Assist residents in their adjustment to roommate and community living;
  • Relate well to individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, encouraging better understanding of diversity and individual differences on the floor and in the residence hall.

Administrative Tasks

  • Document in eRezLife electronic database system regarding critical incidents with residents;
  • Assist with orientation of new students to residence;
  • Assist with move-in and check-out procedures at the start and end of Fall and Winter semesters;
  • Assist, as requested, in the handling of emergencies (e.g., fire, health, safety);
  • Interpret and disseminate to the residents information/directives from Residence Life Management or other University services or departments;
  • Assist in special events where Residence Life plays an important role.

Community Living Standards

SRAs will assist in creating an atmosphere in residence that is conducive to personal growth and community engagement. We recognize how essential it is for students to develop that sense of responsibility to others outside the self, and it starts by defining who they are and how they belong to a larger community.

Students living in residences will learn to participate in the creation of spaces to connect to others and form healthy, supportive communities that make a difference to the lives of those around them. SRAs will also work to maintain a safe living and learning environment with the help of University partners and through the upholding of University regulations and those of the Community Living Standards in residences.

SRAs will respond to all witnessed or reported violations of Community Living Standards and University policies occurring within any residence hall. In addition, SRAs will prepare and submit the appropriate reports.

Work schedule

The SRA work schedule consists mostly of evening duty hours and meetings, and the exact schedule may vary. The Residence Life Management Team strives to accommodate student timetables with the SRA duty schedule. The Residence Life Management Team values the academic commitments of all student staff members. SRA’s academic timetables are always considered when creating schedules. We work collaboratively to support SRAs in their balancing of scholarship and leadership responsibilities.

SRAs need to be available for a mandatory intensive training week prior to the Fall start of classes, and other training events as required by the Residence Life Management Team.

During a pre-established on-duty schedule, SRAs create community links and build rapport with residents through engagement in thoughtful dialogue. SRAs must also respond to lockouts, emergencies, policy violations, and monitor residence hall conditions and fill out maintenance work orders as necessary.

Living Arrangements

Candidates may indicate preferences for the residence buildings where they wish to live and work. We will do our best to accommodate such requests but cannot guarantee you will have your first choice. All SRAs live in a single room in residence and include a double bed.

To send in your application please email To see the full job posting and more information go to and click on Position Type, On-Campus Job.