Residence Life Program

Residence Life Program

Mission Statement

To develop a residence life atmosphere conducive to personal and educational growth, and respect for oneself and others. To foster among all residents, mutual trust, and an ever increasing sense of responsibility, maturity, personal worth, and ownership of the Residence Life Program. To accomplish our mission through cooperation among permanent Residence Staff, Resident Assistants (R.A.s) and all students living in residence, and through consultation and ongoing communication with relevant committees, departments, and associations external to Residence and Conference Services.

Pool table in residence

What is an RA?

Read how one of our own Resident Assistants (RA) describes what an RA is:

What is an Resident Assistant? This is a question that we as RAs still ask ourselves, even as we return for our 2nd or 3rd year on the job. An RA is basically a student that lives in the residence buildings and do many different things for our residents to make their years at Bishop’s University memorable. So one of the first tasks of an RA is to organize creative and fun events in their residence and across campus. Throughout the year you’ll see posters, notes on your door, Facebook posts, and many other methods of advertisement for events that they’ve planned for you. Acoustic Nights, Bowling trips, Pool Tournaments, and so much more, these events are designed to be inclusive and fun ways to meet new people and have a great time!

Another role of the RA is to provide a safe environment for all residents. One way they do this is by having at least one RA on duty each night. This RA will do rounds throughout their building every hour with a BUM Pack (BU Medical Pack) and a radio with a direct connection to the on campus security, making sure that everyone is abiding by the rules stated in the Residence Community Living Standards, and making sure that everyone is safe. Since RAs are only on duty at night, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns during the day, you can find an RA that is in their room and they’ll help you out.

RAs do so much more in the Bishop’s community, but what I think is the most important part of our job is to be a person on campus that will be there for you when you need them. All of the RAs are returning students in our 2nd-4th years at BU, so we have all been in that place where it’s your first year and don’t know where to go or who to talk to, so we are here for any of you that need someone to talk to about how excited you are for the weekend, need advice on how to handle a certain situation, or just having a conversation over a cup of hot chocolate. Your RA will gladly be there for you to rely on and make sure you feel like part of the Bishop’s community.Adriana is a Senior Resident Assistant for Norton and Pollack

RA Team

Transitioning into university can be terrifying! Here at Rez Life, we know that. That’s why we’ve carefully and thoughtfully selected bright and shining stars on campus to form your team of Resident Assistants. Both individually and by building team, we’ve set you up with a group of students who are sure to make your transition as seamless as possible. Not only have our student employees gone through similar experiences that you will, they have also been through an extensive training program to ensure they’re equipped to help you through the next eight months.

These are students that have had a blast during their time in residence, who have appreciated the efforts of their own RAs and are ready to return the favour to all of you. We hope that you, too, find gratitude in their leadership efforts and latch on to the opportunity to follow in their footsteps; RA hiring starts early so keep an eye out!

Visit the Residence Halls section to meet the RA Team for each residence on campus.

Why Live in Residence?

Read our testimonials:

Residence is so much more than just a room in a building. Read what two residents had to say about their experience living in residence.

Living in residence at Bishop’s University was a great experience for me. Not only does it allow you to easily meet people and make new friends, but you can also participate in various activities organized by your RA. Living in residence gives students the opportunity to take advantage of all that Bishop’s has to offer. Walking to classes takes no more than five minutes and you can easily walk up to the library or gym anytime. Even better is the fact that you don’t have to worry about groceries or cooking as you can take advantage of the Dewhurst dining hall, which offers a variety of food options.

Choosing to live in residence when I applied to Bishop’s was an easy choice. It was a great way to get into the Bishop’s spirit and to integrate into university life. Living in residence was definitely part of what helped in making my university experience memorable.Julie is from Saint-Calixte, Quebec and is a member of the Graduating Class of 2015

Residence at Bishop’s is something special, which I think no other University can match. Moving across the country from Vancouver was alone a huge decision, but choosing where to live for first year was second. I was hesitant at first to be picking residence, but I would never look back now. Residence is not just a room; it is so much more than that. Residence has exceeded my expectations on so many levels.

Without residence I would not even have connected with my best friend, who lives in my building. Opportunities that I never imagined that would be available to me became available from the Residence Life program. Residence offers one thing that can’t be matched, which is a COMMUNITY around you. This community supports you, lifts you up when you fall, and is constantly trying to do anything to help you.

Another huge perk of residence is the convenience offered. Dewies has delicious meals at any time, and you never have to worry about dishes. Maintenance takes care of any issue in your room/building. Security and RAs create a sense of safety around campus. You’re five minutes to everything on campus, and ten minutes to everything in town. My Bishop’s Experience so far would be drastically different if I was not in residence.Aidan is from Vancouver, British Columbia and is a member of the Graduating Class of 2018