Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

The Residence Life team is excited to offer students a chance to join our Living Learning Community (LLC): Intercultural Connections. Students who choose to be a part of our LLC have the chance to live amongst peers who share an interest in cultures. Sharing experiences, having fun and providing opportunities for personal growth are the aims of this program. Students from all academic disciplines and varying stages of study are welcome to apply. All you need is an interest in the community’s theme and a desire to participate throughout the year.

Intercultural Connections Floor (NEW in 2020)

This community fosters intercultural connections between incoming international students coming to Bishop’s University for an entire degree of studies or for a shorter-term student exchange from a partner university and local students with an interest in learning about other cultures and countries.

Local students living on this floor will be actively involved in making incoming international students feel at home in Canada, and learn about Bishop’s University together. Developing intercultural and linguistic competencies, building international bridges of solidarity, and sharing different ways of knowing and being are part of the tremendous learning opportunities offered on this floor. For BU students wishing to participate in an international exchange program at a partner university during their studies, living on this floor is an excellent way to prepare!

Deadline to apply: June 25, 2021