Advantages of Living on Campus

Advantages of Living on Campus

Living in the residences on campus involves many convinces during one’s stay at Bishop’s University. With Bishop’s having the welcoming community it does, being involved on campus is possible for all students and is an excellent way to be fully immersed into the school’s population. Living in residence is a wonderful way to make connections and become involved in your academic community. By living on campus you are able to enjoy the conveniences of the on-campus life including the dining services, which are available to all students and incorporates a variety of meal plan options and different locations to best suit your dining preferences.

Additionally, with the Bishop’s campus being the neighbouring community that it is, students are able to take advantage of all the on-campus resources at a short distance. Including the bookstore, convince store, athletic facilities and all other services that the university supplies. Living on campus also will guarantee you a short walk to all of your classes and the library for your study resources and needs. On the downside, living on campus can make it difficulty to create an excuse to be late for classes. By living in residences students are able to access all of Bishop’s accommodations at close convenience.

Living on campus allows for students to become familiar with the Bishop’s population at all levels, and ensure a hands-on opportunity in designing their experience at Bishop’s University. By living in residence students are presented with even more involvement opportunities through the residence life programming and committees. Living on campus will ensure a social and welcoming community by best accommodating to your preferences and the continuous encouragement of student involvement at Bishop’s University. By living on campus students will be able to create memories and experiences that will only fulfill the Bishop’s experience beyond expectations.Jessica Bond, Senior Resident Assistant for Mackinnon

Residence Life Program

Read what one of our Resident Assistants has to say about the Residence Life Program, and why it is such a huge advantage to living in residence.

The residence life program sounds like some official organization that is formal and organized, and part it is. But the other part is filled with karaoke nights, bowling trips, baking adventures and so much more. The residence life program is meant to make residence more than just a living accommodation. Residence life should be about the experience, and that is what the program is for. Imagine having an 8 month sleepover with 25 friends, and on top of that having the added measure of an occasional pizza party free of charge.

Now who organizes all these crazy fun adventures that will be a part of you residence experience? Those are the wonderful RAs on res. Now what is an RA, you ask? Excellent question. An RA is a resident assistant, and as you have probably guessed, we assist residents. From helping you adjust to your new home to being a prime resource on campus, we are there for you. We are there to listen to you through your rough times, support you through your triumphs and just ask how you’re doing. Now this all can seem completely cliché, but its true because being an RA means that we care. We are there to be an extra friendly face to help you feel at home and to remind you in your rough times just how awesome you are. The RAs and the residence life program, to put it simply, help make sure that your university experience will be as incredible as it should be.Suraiya Nakhuda, Senior Residence Assistant for Paterson, Munster, and Kuehner

What’s in my Residence Hall?

  • A fully furnished bedroom including:
    • bed & mattress (twin/single size)
    • chest of drawers
    • desk & chair
    • waste basket & recycling bin
    • book shelves
    • closet or wardrobe
    • window curtains
    • telephone
    • mirror
    • bulletin board
    • Paterson Hall units also include fridge & stove
  • Locker rooms for summer storage for returning residence students
  • Locker rooms for temporary storage for all residence students (ie. sports equipment etc…)
  • Separate residence-only study halls
  • Common areas with pool tables & satellite TV
  • In-room local telephone & internet access services
  • Indoor bicycle storage & direct access to regional bicycle trails
  • Heat and water included in your rent
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • A commitment to only an 8-month lease, not 12 months like many off-campus leases