Places to go Shopping

Places to go Shopping

Downtown Sherbrooke

One of the great things about Sherbooke is the wide variety of stores available to take care of all your needs. Whether you are looking for food, clothing, sporting goods, or miscellaneous items, the list below will facilitate your shopping.

Carrefour de L’Estrie (3050, boul. de Portland)

The Carrefour de l’Estrie has many shopping options available. Accessible both by car or by bus (direct route from campus with bus #11), the mall houses nearly 200 stores and boutiques for a variety of goods and services. Some of the stores you will find:

Costco (3400 rue King O.)

Costco, which require the purchase of a membership, sell goods in bulk. If you have a car, we strongly suggest purchasing a membership as it is cheaper than most grocery stores.

Walmart (4050, boul. Josaphat-Rancourt)

Walmart is a great place for your dorm or apartment essentials (cheap kitchen gear, dishes and cutlery). It also has clothing, electronics, and toiletries products. You can go either by car or by taking bus #11.

Canadian Tire (4100, boul. Josaphat-Rancourt – Beside Walmart or 1645, rue King Est)

Canadian Tire is an excellent place to find kitchen gear, outdoor gear, and everything in between.

Lennoxville area:

There are a fair share of stores right in the heart of Lennoxville, such as The Black Cat Bookstore, Boutique Tri-Knit-T, Hatley, and a dollar store (Dollarama). Being a university town, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. You are quite likely to bump into a friend, a classmate, or even a professor!

Downtown Sherbrooke:

There are many activities and places to visit in the downtown area. You can watch a movie at La Maison du Cinéma, grab a latte at Kàapeh or buy some of the coolest brands at Kitsch, L’Office, and Belle et Rebelle. Direct route from campus with bus #2.