Life on Campus – Tips and Tricks

Life on Campus – Tips and Tricks

RA messages

Maintenance 101: 5 things that will make your life in residence so much easier

  • Need something fixed in your room? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Just head over to the Residence Work Request Form.
  • Empty your garbage regularly! Trust us, it keeps your room smelling fresh, keeps the bugs out, and keeps your floormates friendly.
  • Floor looking a bit messy? Each building has a vacuum and mop you can use, just go grab your friendly neighbourhood RA and they can grab it for you.
  • When it’s cold, close your windows. Burst pipes are as big of an issue as they sound.
  • Broken window, water leaking everywhere, or any other emergency repairs? Call Security! (ext. 2711).

Laundry 101: Doing Your Own Laundry is Fun!

Laundry facilities are located in the basement of each building with the exception of Paterson, where it is located on the 1st floor.

To do laundry, you must add Gaiter Dollars to your student ID card. Please visit the Paterson Front Desk, or stop by one of our two gaiter dollar machines on campus; one is located in the Library, and one is in the SUB.

Each load of laundry costs $1.50.

Pro-Tip: Keep track of your laundry. Don’t be the person who leaves their stuff in the dryer for half a day. That’s how your clothes go missing and you’re going to want all the layers you can get when it hits -30.

Dewies 101

Ahhh, Dewies! What did we do to deserve you? Here, you can grab everything from a quick bite before class, to a 6 hour marathon with procrastinating friends. Here are some must-knows about the dining hall:

  • You can go to Dewies as much as you want. Seriously. With any of our continuous dining plans, you will never run out of swipes, even if you go 100, 1000, or 10,000 times during the year. It’s based on dates not on swipes.
  • In a rush or going away for the day? We still want to feed you! You can order a box lunch from Dewies, so you won’t have to miss out on a meal while running between classes, or having a day adventure off campus
  • Dewies is, at most, a 5 minute walk from anywhere on campus. Second only to security, Dewies has some of the best hours on campus. Open from 7:30 am until 11:30 PM every single day, Dewies can accommodate even the earliest or latest of eaters. How many ways can you spell “convenience”?
  • Looking for a snack on your walk to class or fuel for a workout? You are allowed to take 2 cookies, 1 desert square, or 1 piece of fruit.
  • Well now that you have your snack, you might get thirsty, so you can also take out a beverage. You can take whatever beverage you like, but only in a single personalized container (water bottle, mug, etc.)
  • Ask, ask, ask! The Dewies staff doesn’t bite, trust us. If you have any dietary concern, inquiries about ingredients, or any other question, any one of the staff will be able to help you out.
  • We really support the mix-and-match concept at Dewies. Try ordering a grilled chicken breast at the Grill to toss into your stir fry! Just give your chef a heads up.
  • Hot meals, stir fry, pasta, and crepes are phenomenal at Dewies. They are only offered during certain hours though, so it’s important that you stop by the dining hall if you want some of your favorite items. Breakfast runs from 7:30-11:00, Lunch from 12:00-2:30, and then dinner from 4:30-8:00.