BU Slang

BU Slang

Here you can find a list of the most frequently heard BU slang, which can help you navigate campus during your first few weeks. Don’t worry, you will soon become fluent in BU slang!

On Campus

The Arches: Located at the front entrance of the school, between Johnson and McGreer and leading to the Quad. Note: don’t confuse these arches with the arches of the Bishop’s bridge which links Bishop’s to Lennoxville.

The Blue Room: A TV lounge in Mackinnon… that is in fact not blue?! ex.: “My RA is putting on a movie night tonight in the Blue Room, I can’t wait!”

Bogs: A British term referring to a ‘toilet’. Bogs are shared washrooms between 2 or 3 residents. Bogs are located in the Abbott, Munster and Kuehner buildings. Your bogmate is much like a roommate, and is the person sharing the bathroom in between the two rooms.

BWH: Short for Bishop William’s Hall, the large lecture hall found in Johnson. ex. “I have to eat dinner early tonight since I have a class at 7PM in BWH.”

Dewies: Short for Dewhurst Dining Hall. ex.: “I’ll meet you at Dewies for lunch.”

EWP: The acronym for English Writing Proficiency, the exam all students at Bishop’s need to write prior to graduating. Every student writes it during Orientation week and will be offered twice every semester. ex. “My O-week leader is walking us to the EWP exam rooms on Tuesday.”

The Gait: The bar on campus, run by the Student Representative Council (SRC). ex.: “I’m going to happy hour tonight at the Gait!”

Newside: A reference to the Abbott, and Kuehner residence buildings, on the ‘newer’ side of campus. ex.: “Newside is so close to Dewies, which is awesome!”

NOPO: A reference to Norton and Pollack residence buildings, which are located on the south side of the Quad (see below). ex.: “I love that I can leave a minute before my lecture starts because I live in NOPO!”

PAH: Acronym for Paterson Assembly Hall or Room Hall, located on the ground floor of Paterson residence building. ex. “I don’t have to wake up too early for my 8:30am class since it’s in the PAH!” or “My RA is hosting a movie night in the PAH this Friday night, you should come!”

Plex: The abbreviation for the Sports Plex or Sports Centre. ex. “I love going to the plex in the evening, no one is on the running track!”

The Quad: A reference to the open, grassy area in the center of the campus. ex.: “A bunch of us are meeting in the quad for a game of ultimate frisbee!”

RA: The abbreviation for a Resident Assistant. Resident Assistants are upper-year students who live on a floor/section, and are there to make sure all residents enjoy their time in residence. ex.: “I was really stressed about my exam tomorrow, but I went and had a chat with my RA and feel much better about it now.”

SRA: Abbreviation for the Senior RA on the team. They are often third year students with one year of experience on the RA team. ex. “My RA and SRA were on duty together tonight and stopped for a chat.”

SRC: The acronym for Students’ Representative Council, this is the student run government who represent BU students at provincial and national levels.

TC: Abbreviation for Team Coordinator, who is an RA that supervises not only a floor of students, but a team of RAs. Meet the RAs, SRAs, and TCs on the Residence Halls web page.


Blue Barn: The commonly used name for Clarke & Sons, located on College Street. You can find anything at this “local general store”, from animal feed, pet supplies, gardening and backyard products to clothing. ex. “I’m going to go see if Blue Barn has anything I could use for my Halloween costume.”

The Carrefour: Short for the Carrefour de l’Estrie, which is the largest shopping centre in the Sherbrooke region. ex.: “I’m going to the Carrefour today to get new clothes.”

Dep: The shortened French word for Dépaneur, the corner store or convenience store. ex. “I got a coffee from Tim’s at the Dep on Saturday.”

Faro: The commonly used name, referring to Brûlerie Faro, a coffee shop located across from Jean Coutu, on Queen Street. A fun place to hang out with friends or study. ex. “I am meeting with my study group at Faro this afternoon.”

The Lion: The local pub, famous for their wings and karaeoke. ex.: “I’m on my way to the Lion for Wings Night!”

Prov: The abbreviation for Provigo, the local grocery store found in Lennoxville. Ex. “I need to go to Prov this weekend to pick up some snacks.”

PML: The local depaneur store located across the street from Provigo. ex. “I’m going to go see if I can find … at PML on my way back from Prov.”