Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about residence. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at residence@ubishops.ca if you have more questions!

Students Residence FAQ

When will I know my room assignment?

First year students receive their room assignments in late July. It is also at that time that you should receive your roommate/bogmate’s contact information, if they agreed to share it. Shortly after, you will receive a follow up email to confirm the size of the bed you have been assigned and your residence account statement.

When can I move in?

Move-In Day for the Fall semester is Saturday August 31st and starts no earlier than 9:30 AM. Our staff will not be ready to check you in prior to that time. They will be outside until 4:30 PM. If you arrive after this time, head over to the security office located beside the dining hall, where you will be re-directed to the proper building.

When can I move in if I am a Winter only student?

Move-in day for students starting in the Winter semester is Sunday, January 5th from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM in Paterson Hall. If you arrive after these times, you can head over to the security office located besides the dining hall and they will guide you. More information will follow for the Winter students.

When do I have to move out?

For both Fall and Winter semesters, you must vacate your room 24 hours after your last academic commitment (e.g. final exam, final paper, etc.). Only under extenuating circumstances can you extend your stay past residence closing. More info will be sent by email mid-September.

Do I have to completely move-out in December and move back in January?

No, unless you are a 4-month exchange student, the room you moved into in September is yours for the whole academic year. More details will follow as the semester goes on to provide more guidelines for when you leave in December.

Where can I buy bedding/linens in Lennoxville?

There are several stores in the Sherbrooke area (10-15 minute drive by car), where you can buy bedding/linens (Walmart, Linen Chest, Hudson’s Bay, Giant Tiger and more!).

You can also pre-order a linen kit with Residence and Conference Services before August 23rd and have it ready for you before you arrive.

How can I receive mail?

Each student in residence is assigned a mail box and can receive letters and packages via the porter’s office. Use this address when ordering things online or share with your family:

Your Name
2600 College Street, mailbox #/building + room #
Sherbrooke, QC
J1M 1Z7

Can I park my car on campus? How much does it cost?

Yes, students are allowed to park their cars on campus. Head over to the security office located beside Dewhurst Dining Hall to pay and pick up your parking permit. Student parking is located in P2 behind Paterson and the Sports Centre. Please review parking signs around campus to avoid getting a parking ticket.

You can find more information regarding prices and parking on campus by visiting the Bishop’s Security website.

What is an RA? What do they do?

Resident Assistants or RA are upper year students who live in your residence hall. They are first aid certified and are there to make sure you have a fun, safe and positive experience in residence. They will put on weekly programs in your building and do nightly rounds to make sure everyone is respecting the rules outlined in the Residence Community Living Standards as well as ensuring the safety of the building. They are also your direct line of contact with Security in the evenings.

Can I have overnight guests?

Yes, you can have overnight guests for no more than three nights per week. You must inform your roommate/bogmate/suitemate and make sure everyone is comfortable with the situation. You can borrow a mattress from the on-duty RA for a deposit of $20. Overnight guests are not allowed during Orientation Week in September and the exam periods in December and April.

Please remember that your guest is your responsibility and you will be accountable for them while they stay with you.

Please get permission from your Residence Life Coordinator if you require your guest to stay longer than three nights in the span of a week (i.e. family).

Can I bring my pet to Rez?

No, however, you are allowed to have a plant or fish in an aquarium while staying in residence. Please remember to bring them home or find someone to watch it while away on holidays! Other pets are prohibited. Only animals that have been approved as an emotional support animal can be in residence. Please go to our Policies web page and read the Emotional Support Animal Policy.

How does laundry work?

Each building is equipped with a laundry room in their basement or found on the first floor of Paterson. You can put money on your student ID card using the machine located in the library, at the Residence Office, found in Paterson Hall or online on the Gaiter Dollars website. The money you put on your card for laundry will transfer from year to year.

What’s the difference between Gaiter Dollars and Dining Dollars?

Gaiter Dollars are dollars that you put on your student ID card either online, or via the machine at the library or Paterson Front Desk. You can use them at the different dining venues around campus, to do laundry or pay for printing. It transfers from one year to another.

Dining Dollars come with the Hearty, Square and Suite meal plans and can be used at the various campus dining venues on campus. If you are on the Suite Deal meal plan, you can use your Dining Dollars to purchase a block meal plan. Visit the Residence Office located at Paterson Hall if you have any more questions.

All Dining Dollars will transfer from fall semester to winter semester, but are removed after winter semester.

Can I order takeout to Rez?

Yes! You can order takeout to Rez. Although not all restaurants will deliver to Bishop’s, most will. With online ordering, you just need to specify which building you live in and make sure you are outside when they arrive.

Parents Residence FAQ

How can I send my child mail or packages?

Student name
2600 College Street, mailbox #/building + room #
Sherbrooke, QC
J1M 1Z7

Can I call my child’s room?

Yes! Each room or apartment comes with a landline phone. The extension number can be found on their phone. Simply dial 819-822-3990 and the four digit extension your child will give you.

When is my child's rent due?

Your child’s rent is due the first of each month. They will receive a reminder email a few days prior to the first of the month. Please keep in mind that some banking institutions might take longer to process the transfer. If the rent payment is not in by the 10th of the month, a $25 late fee will be applied to your child’s account.

For International Students, the remaining full balance of rent is due by September 20th.

Where can my child or I pay their rent?

To pay online:

Log into your own personal bank account, go to pay bills, add Bishop’s University Residence as a payee. The student ID number will be your reference/account number (remove the “P” and possibly the “00” if they ask for a 7 digit number).

*If you cannot find “Bishop’s University Residence”, use “Bishop’s University”, but be advised that your payment will be directed towards your child’s tuition account and not Residence. Email the Business Office (businessoffice@ubishops.ca) to have the funds transferred to your child’s residence account.

To pay in person:

Come to the Residence Office located at Paterson Hall, where you can pay by cash, debit, or checks. We also accept US checks and do the monthly exchange rate.

Can I pay my child’s rent on move-in day?

Yes, you can pay your child’s rent using cash, debit, or checks by going to the Residence Office located at Paterson Hall and paying the semester’s rent in person.

How long can my child stay after their last exam?

Students are expected to leave residence within 24 hours after their last academic commitment (e.g. final exam, final paper, etc.). In some extenuating circumstances, students may ask for an extension. They are responsible for sending the application in themselves. More info will be sent to students by email mid-semester.

How can I know what my childs’ Residence accounts look like?

Students will receive an email once a month detailing the balance that is due. They can also find it on myBU under Important Student Links, My Residence Account.

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