Gaiter Dollars

Gaiter Dollars

What is Gaiter Dollars?

  • Gaiter Dollars is a new way on campus to load money onto your student card. You can use your Gaiter Dollars for laundry, printing, or food venues at either Dewies, the Gaiter Grill, Quiznos, the Bus Stop or Tim Horton’s on campus.

Where can I get these Gaiter Dollars?

  • You can load money onto your student ID card or Gaiter Dollars card by either going to a machine located in the Student Union Building or at the library or visit us at the Paterson front desk. You can also do it online with either a credit card or debit card.

How do I access Gaiter Dollars online?

  • Go to
    Log in with your myBU account name or Client ID# for Gaiter Dollar cards. Your password is the same as your myBU account password and can be changed after your first login.

Is there a limit on how much I can put on it?

  • You can load a minimum of $1 and  a maximum of $500 in Gaiter Dollars machines. There is a minimum amount of $11 and a maximum of $500 you are allowed to load onto your card online.

What if I lose my card?

  • Not to worry! You can log onto your account and put a hold on your card so that  it cannot be used. You can then either go to the library or Paterson to get a new card. Also we will transfer your old balance over to your new card!

How much does it cost to replace it?

  • It costs $15 at the Paterson Front Desk for a new student I.D. card and $3.00 at the library for a card preloaded with $2.80.

Can my parents access it?

  • Yes they can! Parents have the ability (if you like) to put money on your card either in cash or online. Just provide them with you student ID#  or client ID# and the password is your last name.

Can the money on my card expire?

  • Money associated with a mandatory meal plan must be used by the end of the academic year.
  • Money not associated with a meal plan will carry forward, but after a year of your card being inactive, then yes, any money left over will expire.