Residence life

Residence is far, far more than just a room or suite on campus. It’s where the founding of your Bishop’s family starts, and where your Bishop’s Experience truly begins.

Choosing to live in residence means involving yourself in a community of people who are similar in age, who share your interests, and who are all at about the same stage in their lives. It’s about making new friends, being part of a community, and adjusting to life on your own.

The crazy mix of late-night conversations, movie nights and study marathons that results from residence life is a mysterious, but tried-and-true, recipe for lasting friendships. So get yourself a roommate or bogmate … you’ll be telling the stories for the rest of your life!


Applying to Residence

Residence is guaranteed for first-year students who meet the application deadline.


On vs. Off-Campus Cost Comparison

Become a Resident Assistant (PDF)

Important documents, work orders, and forms can now be found on the new Resources, Documents & Forms page.

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