Newly Admitted Students

Newly Admitted Students

Congratulations! Welcome to the Bishop’s community.

The web page contains all of the information that you need as an incoming student. Work through each of the steps below and check back regularly for updated information. This will ensure a smooth transition to the purple family.

Your Next Steps

1. Accept your offer of admission.


In order to reserve your place in the entering class and to ensure that you receive all university communications intended for incoming students, you must formally accept your offer of admission.

Offer Acceptance Deadline

You must formally accept your offer of admission before the appropriate deadline:

June 1: Fall (September) semester entry

December 1: Winter (January) semester entry

Offer Acceptance Procedure

To accept your offer of admission, log-in to your myBU applicant portal and complete the “Accept My Offer” form:


After completing this form and clicking “Submit”, you will be redirected to our secure online payment system for your tuition deposit of $350.

In you are an exchange student, you are not required to make the $350 tuition deposit.

Deferring to a Future Semester or Declining your Offer of Admission

Students who receive an offer of admission have the option to defer one or two semesters in the future without needing to reapply. If you wish to defer your Offer of Admission to a future semester, you must first accept your offer of admission (see the process above). Once you have submitted the confirmation deposit, please send an email to with your full name, date of birth and student number with the subject line “Deferring my Offer of Admission to a Future Semester”. Be sure to indicate to which semester you wish to defer. The deadline to submit a deferral request is the end of the add/drop period of the original semester to which you applied (September 15th for Fall and January 15th for Winter).

If you will not be accepting your offer of admissions to Bishop’s, please send an email to with your full name, date of birth and student number with the subject line “Declining My Offer of Admission”.  Our Admissions team will then formally close your application. If we do not receive a response to your offer of admission by our deadlines, your file will be closed automatically.

Admissions Tuition Deposit Refund Policy

Fall semester entry: Between the time of accepting an offer with payment ($350 CAD), up until and including August 31st, there is a refund policy which allows for $100 CAD to be refunded to the applicant ($250 CAD in non-refundable). From September 1st onwards the $350 CAD becomes completely non-refundable.

Winter semester entry: Between the time of accepting an offer with payment ($350 CAD), up until and including December 31st, there is a refund policy which allows for $100 CAD to be refunded ($250 CAD is non-refundable). From January 1st onwards the $350 CAD becomes completely non-refundable.

Students who have deferred their admission from an earlier semester are not eligible to receive a refund of their $350 confirmation deposit.

2. Check the conditions of your offer of admission.


For applicants to the Fall 2022 or Winter 2023 semesters who have received a conditional offer of admission, please refer to the conditions outlined on page-two of your Offer of Admission package.

For all applicants for any semester who have received a conditional offer of admission, unless otherwise outlined in your admission package, a final official transcript must be submitted by the admission conditions deadline (stated below). To be considered official, the transcript must be submitted directly to the Admissions Office by an administrator from the applicant’s previous institution. If submitted in person, the transcript must be in a sealed envelope with an official seal number.

Exceptions: CEGEP applicants who have submitted their Quebec Permanent Code and Ontario high school applicants who have submitted an OUAC reference number do not need to submit their final transcript. The Admissions Office will receive the update directly.

Admission Conditions Deadline Winter (January) semester entry: January 15th, 2023.

Admission Conditions Deadline Fall (September) semester entry: September 15th, 2022.

Note that once you have accepted your offer of admission, an item on your checklist titled “Fulfillment of Admission Conditions” will appear in your myBU account. It is only after you have completed the above process to the satisfaction of the Admissions Office that your full admission will be confirmed. After the Admissions Office has confirmed that you have satisfied the conditions of your admission, the “Fulfillment of Admission Conditions” will be cleared from your checklist. Note that a new Offer of Admission package will not be issued once the conditions have been fulfilled.

For any questions regarding the conditions or status of your admission at the university, please contact the Admissions Office directly at

3. Review our competitive scholarship selection process.

Competitive Scholarships

Competitive scholarship recipients are chosen based on their academic performance. Our competitive scholarships range in value from $500 to $20,000 per academic year. Some of our scholarships are renewable throughout your Bishop’s career, some are one-time instalments, and others are available for continuing students only. You will automatically be considered for scholarships as long as you submit your online application for admissions by March 1st and have all your supporting documents required to make an admissions decision (i.e. transcripts) to us no later than March 15th.

For an application to be considered complete you must:

  • Complete online application forms
  • Pay the online application fee
  • Send the Admissions Office all documents necessary to make an assessment (i.e. transcript)

Fall 2022 scholarship offers:

  • 1st round offers: by early April, 2022
  • 1st round acceptance deadline: May 1st, 2022
  • 2nd round: by early May, 2022
  • 2nd acceptance deadline: June 1st, 2022
  • 3rd round: Early June

Dean’s Scholarship – Fall Entry

All students who submit a complete application for admission, including the required documents for review, by March 15th will automatically be considered for Bishop’s University’s Dean’s Scholarship in addition to all competitive scholarships. No supplemental application is required.

A Dean’s Scholarship is awarded each year to the top applicant from each division: Business, Education, Humanities, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and Social Sciences.

The Dean’s Scholarships each have a value of $4000 dollars per year and are renewable.

Note: To be eligible for the Dean’s Scholarship a student must have graduated from CEGEP, high school, an IB diploma program or an international secondary school a maximum of two years prior to enrolling at Bishop’s University.

Check out our video on competitive scholarships, awards and bursaries below:

4. Apply for awards and bursaries.


Entrance Awards & Bursaries – Fall Entry

In Addition to competitive scholarships, Bishop’s University offers a number of awards and bursaries to new students who are admitted for Fall entry.

Our entrance awards and bursaries range in value from $800 to $8,000 per academic year. Unless otherwise indicated in the offer, the entrance awards and bursaries are non-renewable. Note that returning student awards and bursaries are available to students in the upper years.

Available awards and bursaries fall into three categories:

  • Leadership
  • Regional
  • Financial Need

You may submit an Awards and Bursaries Application as soon as you have applied for admission to Bishop’s: you do not have to wait until you have received an admission offer.

The deadline to complete your online Awards and Bursaries Application is March 1st.

Entrance Awards & Bursaries Application

Winter Entry Students – Awards and Bursaries

If you begin studying at Bishop’s in a Winter semester; you are eligible to apply for returning student awards and bursaries in April of your first semester for the following academic year.

Details on the awards and bursaries available as well as the application process are found on the University’s website.

5. Apply for residence and pay the deposit.

Your University Experience Starts in Residence

At Bishop’s University an important part of the student experience is being a part of the residence community. That is why, as long as the application deadline is met, we will guarantee all first-year students a spot in residence.

Residence Application Deadline

You must submit an application to residence before the appropriate deadline:

June 15th:  Fall (September) semester entry

Deadline for first deposit of $500 is also June 15th. The second deposit of $800 has a deadline of August 7th. See the Residence terms and conditions on the Applying to Residence web page.

Residence rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier you submit your application to residence, the more likely you are to receive your first-choice accommodations.

Residence Application Requirements

In order to submit an application to residence, you must have:

  • received an offer of admission to Bishop’s University
  • accepted your offer of admission

Residence Application Procedure

The residence application for new Fall 2022 incoming students will open in early February.

To submit an application to residence, you must:

  1. Read carefully all of the information pertaining to residence living that is found on the Residence Life website.
  2. Go to the page Applying to Residence found on the Residence Life website.
  3. Click “NEW Bishop’s Students”.
  4. Read carefully all of the information pertaining to making an application to residence.
  5. Once you’re done reading, click “Apply Now” found at the bottom of the page.
6. International and exchange students: obtain your CAQ, study permit and health insurance.


Documents Required to Study at Bishop’s University

Consult the description that best corresponds to your situation in the table below to determine what documents you will need in order to legally study at Bishop’s University:

Student TypeDocuments Required
Degree or Certificate Student
1-4 years of study
Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) AND
Canadian Study Permit*
Two Semester Exchange Student
Both Fall and Winter
Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) AND
Canadian Study Permit*
One Semester Exchange Student
Fall or Winter only
Valid passport and a Temporary Resident Visitor Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) depending on the country of citizenship**.  CAQ and Study Permit are not required since you will be studying in a program of study of a length less than 6 months.

*Please refer to the new or returning international student section of our website ( for possible changes related to COVID-19.

**To find out if you need a TRV or an eTA, visit the IRCC website (

Apply for your required documents as soon as you have received your offer of admission in order to maximize your chances of receiving them on time.

If you are under 17 years old at the time you are applying for the CAQ and Study Permit, you will need a legal guardian/custodian in Canada. Please contact Annick Corbeil, Manager of Student Life and Bishop’s International,, if this is your case.

The guardian forms required for both applications are available via the following links:

CAQ: Declaration of Parental Authority
Study Permit: Custodianship Declaration

Do not leave for Canada until you have received your CAQ (which is mailed in the postal mail to your home address) and your letter of introduction from IRCC confirming the approval of your Study Permit, if you are required to have them. It is not possible to change from Visitor status to Student status while in Canada.

To remain registered at the University, you must submit a copy of each of your required documents to the Admissions Office once you arrive on campus by uploading them on your myBU portal (click on “Submit Missing Documents”) and no later than the course add/drop deadline of your first semester.

Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) Application

As soon as you receive your offer of admission to Bishop’s University, apply for your CAQ from Immigration-Québec.  The application is found online at:


Processing time for a CAQ is a minimum of 20 working days. Your CAQ will be mailed to your home address in the international postal mail service.  It is never delivered electronically.

Designated Learning Institution number (DLI) for Bishop’s University: O19359010995

Study Permit Application

You must attach your CAQ approval letter to your study permit application.  Since December 31, 2021, the proof of CAQ application only is no longer accepted.  If you get your official CAQ after you submit your study permit application, you can upload your CAQ by using IRCC web form.

The processing time for a study permit depends on the country from which the application is made and can take several weeks/months ( We therefore recommend that you submit your application for a study permit as soon as possible.

Information on submitting your application is found at

Biometrics are now required to apply for a Study Permit:

Exception: American citizens who have obtained their CAQ can apply for a Study Permit at the border crossing or the airport when they travel to Canada from the USA.

Entering Canada to Study

Read all the letters very carefully that you receive from both the Quebec and Canadian Immigration authorities. Their letters communicate how you will proceed with obtaining your CAQ and Study Permit. Official immigration documents are not delivered electronically.

You must have all of your official immigration documents with you when you travel to Canada to present to the Canada Border Services Agent at the border or airport:

  • CAQ (which you received at your home address by postal mail);
  • Study Permit – either the document or the letter approving your application (if you are not an American citizen who can apply at your first port of entry to Canada); and
  • Temporary Resident Visa – Visitor Visa (if needed)

International Student Health Insurance

RSA Health Insurance is mandatory for all International and Exchange Students. Quebec Government regulations require all International and Exchange Students to purchase the RSA Health Insurance Plan to study at Bishop’s University. As soon as a student register to his courses at Bishop’s, a health insurance fee (RSA) is automatically billed per semester. You don’t need to apply for it. For more information, you can visit the Health Insurance section of the International Students website.

If you are coming from a reciprocal entente country, you can apply for Quebec government health insurance from the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). You can be reimbursed for the purchase of the Bishop’s RSA plan if you submit your RAMQ letter and RAMQ card to before the end of the semester you made your RAMQ application, if you have not made any claims to the RSA insurance company during the RAMQ application processing period.

A list of entente countries and RAMQ health card application information is found in the Health Insurance section of the International Students website.

Study Permit and Immigration Assistance

It is the responsibility of the student to apply for and obtain both the Quebec CAQ and the Canadian Study Permit prior to commencing their studies at Bishop’s. While Bishop’s cannot assist you with this procedure, we work with the Law Firm of Campbell Cohen in Montreal, Quebec who are attorneys and certified immigration consultants that can help you with these procedures.

For more information please visit their websites: and (for international students already in Canada) or contact Ms. Kara Crudo:

Telephone: +1-514-937-9445
Toll Free North America: 1-888-947-9445


Additional detailed information for international and exchange students is found in the International Students website.

If you have specific questions related to your individual situation, please contact the Bishop’s International Office (

7. Participate in the Bishop’s community before you arrive.

Join the Conversation

Follow #UBishops on social media to discover life at your new home away from home.

twitter-p facebook-p  youtube-p linkedin-p instagram-p

Anyone who knows Bishop’s will tell you that we’re a community – one that now includes you! Join your future classmates on the Bishop’s University Incoming Class 2022 Facebook group to get to know each other before arriving in the fall.

Facebook icon   Bishop’s University Incoming Students 2022

Managed by our Recruitment team, this Facebook group is meant to share information and answer your questions over the next few months. You’ll meet other future students as well as current students excited to help you out. Just for fun we’ll be running contests and giving away purple prizes between now and Move-In Day!

8. Familiarize yourself with key dates and deadline.

Familiarize yourself with key dates and deadline

You have decided to join Bishop’s University as a new student, and we are actively preparing for your arrival. You may have already seen some of the dates below but it is important that you make note of these deadlines.

March 1: Deadline to be considered for Competitive Scholarships + application deadline for Awards & Bursaries

March 15: Supporting documents deadline for Competitive Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries

April 1: CEGEP & High School Admissions application deadline

May 1: College and University Transfer Admissions application deadline

May 15: Preliminary document deadline for all applicants

June 1: Deadline to accept your offer of admission (refer to step one for guidance)

June TBD: Register for your fall courses

June 15: Deadline to apply to residence + 1st deposit

August 5: Deadline to pay residence 2nd deposit fee

September 3 (tentative): Residence Move-In Day

September 7: Classes Begin

September 15: Deadline to submit all final documents (including fulfilment of admission conditions and birth certificate)

September 30: Deadline to pay tuition fees for Fall semester

It is important to refer to the Sessional Dates section of the Academic Calendar. This link will take you to an online active calendar, which you can refer to throughout your time as a Bishop’s student. Here you can find important dates, deadlines, scheduled holidays, and events.

9. Connect with your Academic Advisor.

Connect with your Academic Advisor

Connect with your Academic Advisor to discuss your program, program options, courses, and academic pathway plans.  View our Academic Advising webpage for more information:

10. Prepare for course registration.

Prepare for course registration

Course registration for the Fall term typically occurs during June and August. Course registration for the Winter term typically occurs during November and December. Many students will be pre-registered in courses but will be required to select a few courses to complete their schedule. Take a look at the Academic Calendar and watch your Bishop’s email account for more information. Visit our student records website for the most up-to-date registration instructions.

11. Pay your tuition and residence fees before the deadline.


In order to avoid late payment fees and to ensure a smooth registration process, read the information below carefully and respect all listed deadlines.

All students must pay their tuition and fees before the appropriate deadline each semester:

August 5th: $800 CAD residence deposit due (in addition to the $500 CAD paid when applying).

September 30th: Tuition payment due.

*A late payment fee of $65 CAD is applicable to payments or promissory notes submitted after the stated deadlines.

Tuition and School Fee Payments

Canadian students must:

  • pay school fees in full by the deadline; OR
  • submit the online Promissory Note by the deadline in order to pay with a government loan.

If you are being billed international tuition rates, we have not received your Canadian birth certificate. Submit a copy to as soon as possible.

International, non-exchange students must:

  • pay school fees in full by the deadline.

If you are applying for USA student aid, contact Ms. Jamie Berwick ( or 1-819-822-9600, ext. 2205) for detailed, individualized information.

Exchange students coming to Bishop’s are NOT required to pay tuition and compulsory fees at Bishop’s. You must, however, pay for your residence, meals, books, supplies and compulsory medical insurance.

Tuition and School Fee Calculation

Once you have completed the online registration process, you will be able to view the total amount due for your first semester tuition and compulsory fees:

  1. Visit Self-Service in myBU;
  2. Click on the Finances tab;
  3. Click on Balance.
Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

If you have been awarded an entrance scholarship, a bursary or other financial award from Bishop’s, you should manually deduct half of the total amount awarded (the award is split over two semesters) from the Total Charges line on your account statement.

Tuition and School Fee Refunds

Withdrawal before course
add/drop deadline
100% refund less $50 administrative fee
Withdrawal after course add/drop deadline for medical reasons (with appropriate medical documentation)50% pro-rated refund of tuition fees
Withdrawal after course add/drop deadline for non-medical reasonsNo refund

 Residence Fee Payment Deadlines

Residence fees are paid in three parts:

  • $500 deposit at the time of application
  • $800 deposit by August 5th (Fall entry)

The $500 deposit combined with your $800 deposit should cover the majority of your first month’s residence fees. Any outstanding amount will be due upon arrival. The remaining balance for the academic year is to be paid in equal installments by the 1st of each month beginning October 1st through April 1st. Students may choose to pay their entire semester fees in advance. A $25.00 late fee will be charged on the 10th day of each month for any overdue account.

Residence Fee Calculation

Details on the costs associated with different residence room styles and meal plans are available on the Residence Life website.

Residence Fee Refunds

The detailed residence fee refund policy is found in the Applying to Residence section of the Residence Life website.

Refund requests must be sent in writing to and acknowledged by Residence Services. Please send an email to

Tuition, School and Residence Fee Payment

Fee payments must be made by one of the following methods:

  • Online banking with the following banks: BMO, Desjardins, CIBC, National Bank, RBC, Scotia Bank and TD (preferred payment method for Canadian students);
  • Online international payment via Flywire (preferred payment method for international students);
  • Cheque payable to Bishop’s University;
    • Indicate your student ID number on the cheque
    • US cheques are accepted
  • Cash or debit at the Registrar’s Office (235 Mountain House – Student Centre)

NEW! HigherEdPoints:
Bishop’s University is proud to be Quebec’s first university to join the Program as a Participating Institution. With this exciting new partnership, students can now convert Aeroplan Miles into funds to cover their tuition and school fees.

Students can also convert the Aeroplan® Miles of family members and friends to help pay for school. For every 35,000 Aeroplan® Miles, a $250 credit is issued to a student named by the donor.

For more information and to set up an account, please visit:

12. Get ready for Orientation Week!

The Bishop’s University Orientation Week

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) hosts both a Fall and Winter orientation for new students. Watch the SRC website for more information.

You can follow the planning of Orientation Week activities via the Facebook Group Bishop’s University Orientation Week.

Watch a video prepared just for you by our graduates.

Their words of wisdom will surely bring a smile. You’re going to LOVE it here!


If you have any questions after you have worked your way through the steps above, feel free to contact us directly.