Application for McConnell Student Opportunity Fund

    Application for McConnell Student Opportunity Fund

    Please refer to the guidelines found on the McConnell Student Opportunity Fund web page for help in filling out this form.

    Deadline to apply: January 31, 2019

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    A detailed budget proposal justifying each element:

    • equipment should be rented rather than purchased if possible.

    • the payment of salaries is ineligible.

    • eligibility of trips (example conference attendance, volunteer service) is limited: the McConnell Fund will not award more than $2,000, maximum, towards the budget for a trip.

    Two Letters of Reference. Please attach 2 letters of reference to this application, with at least one from a Bishop’s University faculty member.

    Resumé. Please attach a current resumé of the applicant(s) or project coordinator(s) to this application.

    Accepted file types: Word, PDF, TEXT (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt)

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