Purple Letter Award

Located on the Wall of Honour in the SUB Lobby.

This award is given to those students who have made a consistent contribution to the life of the university and community and who might not otherwise be recognized for their efforts. Award winners are nominated by members of the university and the community. The Purple Letter Award recipients are selected by a committee chaired by the Dean of Student Affairs. Recipients receive a gold pin at the SRC Awards Night.

A maximum of ten (10) students may be selected, with attention to the area of Residence, clubs, sports, and community involvement.

Selection Committee:
Chair: Dean of Student Affairs
SRC Rep: VP Student Life
Residence Rep: Chosen by the Director of Residence
Athletics Rep: Chosen by the Director of Athletics
Community Rep: Delegate from the student community. Assigned by the SRC.

Any student, faculty, staff or community member may nominate a student by submitting to the Committee a letter of nomination outlining how the student has contributed.

Deadline for nominations: Friday, March 16, 2018.

Nominations via:

Joan & Alex Paterson Award

The selection Committee for this award is comprised of the Dean of Student Affairs and the SRC Executive Cabinet. Awarded to a graduating student who during his or her years at Bishop’s University, contributes the most to volunteer work and activities in the off campus community. This is accompanied by a $250 monetary award, and is presented annually at the SRC Awards Ceremony in the spring.

Selection Committee:
Dean of Student Affairs (Chair)
SRC President
SRC VP Academic
SRC VP Student Life

Deadline for nominations: Friday, March 16, 2018.

Nominations via:

Outstanding Achievement Awards

Each year the Borough of Lennoxville extends an open invitation to nominate candidates for their Outstanding Achievement Awards. For over 25 years, the Borough has recognized the accomplishments of its citizens that directly benefit our community and the quality of life in Lennoxville.

Print and fill-in the nomination form: English version, French version.

Please send us your nominations by email or by mail before Friday, October 21, 2016:

Lennoxville Borough
150 Queen Street,
Sherbrooke, J1M 1J6