Money matters
Be ambitious. Be Purple. BU.

We understand that choosing a university is not always just about the experience – money matters too. It’s why we do everything we can to help you sort out your finances, ensuring payments are easy to manage and offering assistance where we can.

At BU, we offer you detailed information about tuition rates and school fees to ensure you can easily understand what you need to pay for, and when. We also offer a variety of financial aid services, as well as scholarships, awards and bursaries, to help ease the financial burden that sometimes comes along with getting a university education.

In addition to these services, we provide you with information about alternative options for financial assistance, including government aid, external scholarships/awards, bank loans and/or lines of credit.

Our goal? To help you worry less about money, so that you can focus on enjoying your Bishop’s Experience and making amazing things happen while you are here.


Bishop’s University is proud to be Quebec’s first university to join the Program as a Participating Institution. With this exciting new partnership, students can now convert Aeroplan Miles into funds to cover their tuition and school fees.

Students can also convert the Aeroplan® Miles of family members and friends to help pay for school. For every 35,000 Aeroplan® Miles, a $250 credit is issued to a student named by the donor.

For more information and to set up an account, please visit: