Interesting Links

Interesting Links

Accueil Plus Service
This service provides personal assistance to facilitate the student’s integration during his or her arrival at Montréal-Trudeau Airport between early August and early September each year. Students who pre-register with this service can expedite the time spent in the Customs Hall waiting for a study permit to be validated and issued.

Canada Revenue Agency
Information regarding the filing of a Canadian income tax return for non-residents. If you are studying in Canada, you may be required to file a tax return.

Canadian Bureau for International Education
A non-profit organization providing information on living in Canada, language programs, employment and more.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Federal government resources for international students studying in Canada

City of Sherbrooke Welcome Guide (English PDF)
Guide d’accueil des personnes immigrantes (PDF en français)

The City of Sherbrooke welcomes newcomers to Canada and the region from across the globe. They have produced a guide for new immigrants, which also has lots of great information for those new to the area.

Diplomatic Gateway to Canada
A list of foreign embassies in Ottawa, including contact information, maintained by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Immigration et communautés culturelles Québec
Provincial government resources for international students studying in Quebec

Online application for Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ)
Online application for CAQ through Immigration et communautés culturelles Québec

Online application for Study Permit Renewal
Online application for Study Permit Renewal in Canada through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Bishop’s University has an joint partnership with SchoolApply – a website helping students from all over the world connect with educational programs and schools abroad that best match their needs and potential. Bishop’s is thrilled to increase its reach to even more great prospective students by offering them a new, simple and secure way of researching institutions.

Service Canada
A step-by-step guide for obtaining a Social Insurance Number, which is required for paid employment in Canada.