Fees and Living Expenses

Fees and Living Expenses

For living costs, please see the Residence Life Website.

For fees, please see the Tuition and Fees website and the Tuition Fees section of the Academic Calendar.

Method of Payment for International and Exchange Students:

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Financial Assistance:

Financial Assistance for International StudentsFinancial Assistance for Exchange Incoming Students

Financial Assistance for International Students

Bishop’s does not offer loans, bursaries or financial aid (based on financial need) to international students. International students will automatically be considered for academic scholarships throughout their studies at Bishop’s based on academic merit.

Tuition Fee Exemptions

Students of French citizenship pay out-of-province fees rather than international fees.

Government of Canada International Scholarships Programs

For information, visit the Government of Canada International Scholarship Opportunities for Non-Canadians web page.

Exemption from Differential Tuition Fees

A limited number of international students from countries with which Québec has signed an agreement on tuition fees are exempt from the differential tuition fees they would normally have to pay. They therefore pay the same fees as Québec students. However, these students are still required to pay other registration-related fees, including miscellaneous fees, fees for course materials, student association fees, health insurance and hospital insurance premiums. For more information about this program, international students should contact the authorities of their country. Liste des pays, incluant une organisation internationale, à qui le gouvernement du Québec accorde des exemptions de droits de scolarité supplémentaires (in French only).

You may consult the Government of Quebec Guide about the Exemption des droits de scolarité supplémentaires (in French only).

Financial Assistance for Exchange Incoming Students

Financial assistance for most exchange students is limited. However, exchange students who have a valid C.A.Q and Study Permit may apply for work on campus. Note that on-campus jobs may be limited and difficult to secure. For more information, go to the Career & Leadership Development center on campus located in the Student Union Building.