The ACCP (Advanced College Credit Pathway) is a program that allows select high school or first-year college international students to earn one year of general education college credits through Saint Louis University’s (SLU) 1818 dual enrolment program at an ACCP Center. Students who meet the University admission requirements will be able to matriculate to an ACCP Partner University carrying the credits they received in the ACCP program. (www.iperc.org/accp)

The following is a current list of course equivalencies granted to ACCP students:

Saint Louis University Course Bishop’s University Course Equivalent and Advanced Credits
POLS1100 POL172 (3 credits)
HIS1610 HIS214 (3 credits)
PST1900 ECO1XX – unassigned Economics elective (3 credits)
MATH1510 MATH191 (3 credits)
MATH1300 MATH1XX – unassigned Math elective (3 credits)
CHEM 1110 & CHEM1115 CHM191 & CHL191 (4 credits)
PHYS1220 PHY193 & PHL193 (4 credits)
BIOL1240 BIO194 (3 credits)
BIOL1245 BIO1XX – unassigned Biology elective (3 credits)
CMM1200 ENG1xx – unassigned English elective (3 credits)
ENGL1900 ENG205 (3 credits)
ENGL1500 ENG116 (3 credits)

ACCP English Exam

Students who take the ACCP English Exam and receive a score of 80%+ will not be required to submit an additional English Language Proficiency test result (i.e. TOEFL or IELTS). Bishop’s will accept the ACCP English Exam as meeting our English Language proficiency requirements.