CEGEP Students

CEGEP Students

You are considered a CEGEP student for admission purposes if you:

  • are currently completing a DEC program at a CEGEP in Quebec; or you
  • have obtained a DEC from a CEGEP in Quebec within the last two years and you have not studied elsewhere since obtaining your DEC
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Admission Requirements: General

Completed DEC in any discipline

Students with a completed DEC may apply to any program at Bishop’s University, even if the DEC obtained is in a field of study different from the program applied to at university.

Estimated Minimum Admission Averages

All programs: 24 R-Score

The above requirements should be used as a guideline to be considered competitive for admissions consideration. Each admission cycle, Bishop’s University receives more applications than spaces available. The Admissions Office uses the overall R-Score for the purposes of its admissions evaluations. Meeting the minimum posted requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants who do not meet the posted requirements are considered on an individual basis. In those cases, the Admissions Office may request additional information.

On April 20th, 2020, the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced that grades obtained during the Winter 2020 semester would not be included in a CEGEP student’s R-score calculation. This information will be factored in by the Admissions Office during its evaluations of CEGEP applicants.

Course equivalencies

CEGEP students applying to Bishop’s University do not have to complete any specific pre-requisite courses to be considered for any individual program.

That said, students applying to Business or Science programs who have not completed certain courses at CEGEP will need to complete certain courses at Bishop’s University that may increase the total number of credits required in order to graduate and the time required to complete the degree program.

The following charts show the course equivalencies Bishop’s University grants for specific courses taken at CEGEP.

CEGEP course requirement Calculus I for Science Students


Calculus II for Science Students


General Chemistry


Chemistry of Solutions




Electricity and Magnetism


General Biology


General Biology II
BU course equivalent MAT 191 or 198 MAT 192 or 199 CHM 191 CHM 192 PHY 191 or 193 PHY 192 ou 194 BIO 197 BIO 196
Psychology (Neuroscience)
Biology (BSc)
Biology (BA)
Biology (Pre-med)
Computer Science
Mathematics (BSc)
Mathematics (BA)
Environmental Science
Secondary Education with Math teachable
Secondary Education with Science teachable
CEGEP course requirement Introduction to Psychology


(2) 350 Level Psychology Courses

305-102 + 2 (350-XXX)

Human Biology or General Biology I

101-901 or 101-NYA

Linear Algebra

201-105, 201-NYC

Calculus I for Non-Science Students


BU course equivalent PSY 101 PSY 102 BIO 194 or BIO 197 MAT 196 MAT 197
Arts Administration
Information Technology
Psychology (BA)

DEC-BAC Transfer Credit

CEGEP students who complete a 3-year DEC-BAC program may be eligible to receive advanced standing credit upon admission to Bishop’s University. Consult the DEC-BAC Agreements page for information on recognized DEC-BAC programs and participating Bishop’s degrees.

Required Supporting Documents: All Applicants

Proof of English proficiency

All applicants must submit proof of English proficiency. Consult the English Language Proficiency Requirements page to determine what, if any, supplementary documents you must provide.

Your Quebec permanent code

Be prepared to enter this code into the online application. You can find your permanent code at the top of your CEGEP transcript.  It has the following format: XXXX########
At the request of the Admissions Office additional documentation (letter of motivation, CV, etc.) may be required to complete your application.

Additional Supporting Documents: Program-Specific

Applicants to Programs in the Department of Music

  • Audition
  • Letter of musical background

Details on both of the above are found in the Music Admissions Information Sheet.

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